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Watches That Track Blood Pressure

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 40 Mm Pink Gold Smart Watch Display 119 16 Gb Nfc Wi

Omron HeartGuide World’s First Blood Pressure Smartwatch, Omron Complete Blood Pressure with EKG
  • Dont just listen to your body, know it
  • Your workout buddies have your back
  • Name a workout, it can track it
  • All the data your heart desires
  • The most holistic sleep analysis on Galaxy watch

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Do Garmin Watches Track Blood Pressure

As of this writing, the answer to this question is pretty straightforward: None of the Garmin smartwatches or Garmin Fitness Trackers include the possibility to monitor blood pressure while on the go.

It doesnt mean that in the years to come, we will not see Garmin devices that will offer the possibility to act as a blood pressure monitor.

Garmin smartwatches are not known for being the top-of-the-line health tracking devices as the brand is more famous for developing serious sport or workout tracking devices. The Garmin Forerunner, Instinct, or Fenix are made for real sports addicts or adventurers that want to make the most of the smartwatch to track their sports routines.

In a nutshell, Garmin watches are as robust as the Nokia phones were. When trekking in the mountains or for military personnel, the Garmin Fenix will even leverage its solar charging technology to give you up to three weeks of battery life. But, of course, this unique technology does not come cheap, and you will have to pay a hefty premium for it. Sadly even for a $700 and up to $100 for the 51mm Saphire Solar edition, the Garmin Fenix will lack a blood pressure monitoring feature.

You may wonder why getting a blood pressure reading from a wearable device seems as challenging as climbing Mount Everest. After all, many smartwatches will let you check your heart rhythm and sleep tracking, detect potential arrhythmia and even measure blood oxygen saturation levels.

Smartwatches With Blood Pressure Monitor Compared

The following table shows our top picks with the estimated price range and our final rating. There is also a link placed on each option so it will be easier for you to find the product .

The table is ranked from the most affordable product first to the most premium choice at the bottom.


Next, Ill discuss the nine best smartwatches with a blood pressure monitor.

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Blumelody Fitness Tracker For Blood Pressure And Body Temperature

A newcomer into this segment, the Blumelody blood pressure monitor watch measures all the usual stuff, including your fitness, blood oxygen, heart rate and blood pressure*. However, the added benefit here is the body temperature sensor which is something new and unique at this stage.

This watch is a bit simplistic in its approach with one-touch button but not the touch screen you would normally see in more sophisticated or expensive models.

The watch tracks your blood oxygen, heart rate, and blood pressure*. Similarly, it will track your sleep period time and help you detect abnormalities in your sleep patterns.

The Bluemelody smartwatch has many features that will help your track and monitor your health and improve your lifestyle accordingly.

  • Flexible band fits many different sizes.
  • New model incorporating latest sensors
  • New and potentially fewer reviews or feedback available.
  • Too simple to handle. Not a lot of features or advanced touchscreen like other models we like.
  • Band type design may be more feminine than masculine.
  • Not a well-known brand

What To Look For When Buying The Best Blood Pressure Watch 2023

Waterproof Smart Watch Heart Rate Blood Pressure Fitness Tracker Sport ...


The size is an important feature to consider when you will buy a blood pressure watch. If the watchs size does not fit properly to your arm, it may give you an inaccurate reading. Here are the main suggestions or guidelines regarding the size of blood pressure watch that are recommended by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association, these suggestions are

For Adult Small Circumference of 22-26 centimetres

For Adult Medium Circumference of 27-34 centimetres

For Adult Large Circumference of 35-44 centimetres


Your blood pressure watch must be cost-effective, stylish, and functional. Some watches require bells and whistles, but if its unnecessary do not plan to buy them.


Avoid smart apps that are inaccurate in their results and functions. It can create misunderstanding, which will cause fear and affect your health.


Always check the accuracy of your blood pressure watch before buying it. Most of the time, it can only last over a year. Better do thorough research before purchasing watches.


Your watch screen must be readable


Choose the watch that is soundproof and technically advanced

Frequently Asked Questions Session

Which is the best fitness tracker with a blood pressure monitor?

YAMAY Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure Monitor. YAMAY fitness tracker is a fully-fledged activity tracker, it could also motivate you to stay fit and active throughout your whole day.

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Heartguide Blood Pressure Anytime Anywhere

Designed to fit your lifestyle, HeartGuide is a clinically accurate, wearable blood pressure monitor available in the U.S. Now, track your heart data and learn how your behaviors impact your heart health.

Designed to fit your lifestyle, HeartGuide is a clinically accurate, wearable blood pressure monitor available in the U.S. Now, track your heart data and learn how your behaviors impact your heart health.

Best Value Blood Pressure Watch

  • Battery life: 3 to 10 days
  • Waterproof: yes

This fitness and sleep tracker takes blood pressure and heart rate readings, which are stored in a companion app. In online reviews, some users say its remarkably reliable, especially for an inexpensive watch.

Pros: It includes a heart rate alarm feature and a fatigue test. Other interesting features include an alert system that tells you to stand up when youve been sitting for too long. Even though this watch is priced for a smaller budget, its waterproof. You can choose from several different color bands according to your preference. No wires are required to charge on the wireless charging station.

Cons: This watch isnt the most stylish of the bunch, and no one is going to mistake it for a regular watch. The display is meant to be easy to read, but the screen is a bit small. There doesnt seem to be any warranty available for this watch, though you can purchase a replacement strap if it breaks.

  • Battery life: 5 days
  • Waterproof: some water resistance

Cons: The MorePro Activity Tracker isnt a medical device, so its not subject to FDA approval to back up its claims. This is more of a device for tracking your overall health, not necessarily the best or most accurate blood pressure measurement that you can get. The display is quite small, so it wont be easy for everyone to read.

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Mgaolo Fitness Tracker With Blood Pressure

The slim, ergonomic design of the Mgaolo Activity Tracker is ideal for those who prefer a lightweight and comfortable watch-style activity tracker. It smartly tracks your heart rate and blood pressure in real time. Runners, particularly love the Mgaolo because it can map your route and record your pace and distance while youre running. Mgaolo Activity Tracker is compatible with both iOS and Android phone operating systems.

If you are in search of advanced multiple features wearable that can push notifications from your smartphone, wake you up with a dedicated alarm, track your workouts with built-in GPS, and much more, then Bip will be your best choice as a fitness watch to determine your next workout track. Amazfit Bip will be a wise choice to buy as a gift for anyone, its a good choice for complete fitness tech beginners.

Product specifications:

Omron Heartguide: Worlds First Fda Approved Blood Pressure Watch

Galaxy Watch4 Series: Easily track your blood pressure every day

Though an obscure name in the wearable industry, Omron HeartGuide was the first to get the nod from Federal Agency. It is so far the Best FDA Approved Watch for Blood Pressure Monitoring.

As far as the design is concerned, there is no innovation involved whatsoever. It follows the traditional circular design with a bulky casing and an unappealing strap.

The watchband has considerable heft to it due mainly to the inflatable cuff within the watch strap to take an accurate blood pressure reading quickly and easily. The watch is essentially a sized-down version of traditional oscillometric measurement.

HealthGuide comes with a companion app named OMRON connect US/CAN, which in turn, gives you detailed insights into your blood pressure fluctuations throughout the day and develops a more thorough understanding of how your lifestyle choices impact your heart health.

Also, this watch can track other fitness metrics like steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep patterns. And in the name of smarts, the watch is just offering support for mobile notifications. .

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Maxte Fitness And Activity Tracker Watch

One of the easiest smartwatches to read, the Maxte Tracker Watch, has a full-color LCD screen with three customizable displays. Its intelligent activity tracker automatically monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen, steps, calories burned, and distance traveled. For those who need to stay connected at all times, it displays call, and text notifications, news headlines in 12 languages, WeChat support, Apple Health compatibility, and has silent alarms, as well as movement reminders to keep you on track.

Donerton Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

Pick from three great colors with the Donerton Smart Watch. Theres pink, black, and grey to suit all wardrobes. This simple and stylish multi-function device is a great way to stay on top of your health and fitness goals. The activity tracker measures steps, calories, and distance with the options of eight sports modes as well as a sedentary reminder for when its time to get up and move. Then, theres also a heart rate monitor and sleep assessment for even deeper insights. Enjoy convenient connectivity, with notifications for calls, texts, and app messages, as well as music and camera controller, alarm clock, and find your phone functions.

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Will Wearables Ever Accurately Measure Blood Pressure

Consumer wearable manufacturers have sought for years to find a way to measure blood pressure at the wrist to a clinical standard.

ByNatalie Healey

Every year, 9.4 million people die from complications related to high blood pressure, according to the World Health Organization. But many people with hypertension arent even aware they have it.

You only know whether your numbers are on the high side if you get your blood pressure checked regularly. Doctors do this with a traditional arm cuff reader and similar products are also available for home use but such devices have limitations.

Research published in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine suggests at-home blood pressure cuffs can lead to errors due to ill-fitting bands and improper arm positioning. In a medical setting, white coat syndrome is a common problem.

The arm cuff device is also not well designed for larger patients. Many health tech companies are now exploring more convenient ways for people to measure their blood pressure using wearable technology.

In April 2021, Fitbit announced a trial to determine whether its smartwatches can accurately detect hypertension. Preliminary research suggests the device can be used to measure blood pressure from the wrist, but the new study will extend those findings to a larger population.

The Drawbacks Of Using A Smart Watch For Blood Pressure

Fitness Tracker Bluetooth Smart Wrist Watch with Blood Pressure/Heart ...

There are a few drawbacks to using a smart watch for blood pressure. First, the watch may not be able to get an accurate reading if the persons wrist is not at the correct level when taking the reading. Second, the watch may not be comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and it may be difficult to keep track of the watch if it is not worn all the time. Finally, the watch may not be covered by insurance, so it is important to check with your insurance provider before purchasing one.

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Keep Track Of Your Heart Rate With These Watches

Reasons to buy

Reasons to avoid

Ever since its unveiling and release in 2021, the Galaxy Watch 4 has been at the top of the list if you want the best Android smartwatch. Itâs currently the only smartwatch that combines Googleâs software prowess with Samsungâs top-notch hardware. It also remains the only option for those who want Wear OS 3, as weâre still waiting for other Android smartwatches to receive the update.

But when it comes to being a heart rate monitor watch, the Galaxy Watch 4 excels here as well. While the ability to monitor your heart rate has been possible since launch, a software update in late 2021 brought a new algorithm into the mix. There were some complaints about inconsistent readings and results, but the new accuracy algorithm seems to have cleared many of those up.

Some of the other health and fitness features for the Galaxy Watch 4 series include built-in ECG and blood pressure monitoring. The former is available in most regions, while the latter recently became available in Canada , but is still awaiting proper approval in the U.S.

When the Fitbit Sense was released, we were surprised by its exorbitant price tag compared to the rest of the best Fitbit wearables. However, all it took to change our minds was to look at the various health and fitness tracking sensors that are packed into this wearable.

Garmin Watch With Ecg And Blood Pressure

The Garmin watch with ECG and blood pressure is a great watch for people who are looking for a way to monitor their health. This watch is able to track your heart rate and blood pressure, as well as your ECG. This watch also has a built in GPS so you can track your location and distance traveled. This watch is a great option for people who are looking for a way to monitor their health and stay on top of their fitness goals.

Other features in Garmin watches include a heart rate monitor with irregular heart rate alerts, blood oxygen level monitoring , sleep tracking, and stress level monitoring. It is developing an ECG feature for its next-generation watches, which could be released as early as this year. Because Garmin watches are designed for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes, its no surprise they dont have B.P and ECG capabilities. Nonetheless, I believe these features are useful for keeping track of your heart in a watch. Although there are other smartwatches that offer similar features, the Garmin watch stands out for its reliability and durability. Many smartwatches and fitness trackers include SpO2 levels in their software. This feature is useful for hikers because it allows them to check their blood oxygen saturation level on a regular basis. At higher altitudes, you lose oxygen. You have improved cardiovascular fitness if you have a VO2 Max of 100.

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Specialist Heart Health Wristwatches: Omron Heartguide

Some wearables go beyond this, making heart health their USP.

The Omron HeartGuide is one such device and was marketed as the worldâs first clinically validated wearable blood pressure monitor.

It promises to monitor your blood pressure, steps, distance, calories and sleep, and it displays some notifications from your smartphone. Omron says the HeartGuide can also measure your heart rate, but it will do so only when you ask it to measure your blood pressure.

Youâll need nimble fingers to take it on and off, though, which youâll need to do each time you want to do the washing up or go for a swim. It can survive being splashed with water while you wash your hands, if youâre careful, but it canât survive being submerged in water. The watch also feels heavy and cumbersome.

Note that Omron says you shouldnât use the Heart Guide if youâve had a mastectomy. Traditional blood pressure monitors can carry similar warnings.

But how did it fare in our lab tests? Find out in our full Omron HeartGuide smartwatch review.

Head to our guide on the best blood pressure monitors for more handy hints and tips to get the most for your money.

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The Benefits Of Blood Pressure Watches

Omron HeartGuide Smartwatch with Built-in Blood Pressure Monitor Demo

There are many benefits to blood pressure watches. It can give you an insight into your health throughout the day and is incredibly convenient, especially if connected to an app that records the data. Blood pressure watches also often come with other great features such as sleep tracking and activity monitoring. Adequate levels of both rest and exercise can contribute positively to good blood pressure, so its beneficial to monitor all of them with one device. However, it is essential to note that blood pressure watches are not medical equipment and should not replace regular check-ups with your doctor.

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Difference Between Heart Rate And Blood Pressure

You might be wondering are the heart rate and blood pressure same things? I also thought so. But theyre different! The differences between heart rate and blood pressure are essential to understand before talking about accuracy.

The heart rate is the number of times your heart beats per minute. Blood pressure is a measure of the force with which your heart pumps blood throughout your entire body.

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Yamay Smart Watch: Cheap Bp Smartwatch Under $50

Yamay Smartwatch is a square-shaped smartwatch that looks similar to Apple Watches. In addition to blood pressure monitoring, the Yamay Smartwatch comes with continuous heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level tracking, and calorie tracking.

Sleep tracking features in this cheap smartwatch under $50 are quite impressive. It automatically tracks your sleep accurately and gives you detailed sleep data on your smartphone app.

Other Features we like

  • Compatible with iPhone and Android

What do we not like about this smartwatch?

  • Poor Mobile App UI
  • Issues with sleep tracking

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to an expensive smartwatch, then the Yamay Smartwatch is worth buying. At this price range, it offers many features which are offered by advanced smartwatches. Make sure you calibrate your health data with medical-grade equipment at least once a week.

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