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Get Paid To Donate Blood

Should We Pay People For Donating Blood

Encouraging younger people to donate blood

Scotty Hearron says he was a “broke college student” the first time he got paid for donating some of his blood plasma.

This was a few years ago when he was at university in Oregon.

Having plasma extracted eight times over a four-week period he could earn $280 every month.

Now a 23-year-old high school teacher, he says it wasn’t an experience he minded.

“You felt like you were making an impact, and it was nice to get a bit of cash on the side,” he says.

Mr Hearron adds that the other donors of plasma – the straw-coloured liquid that makes up 55% of your blood’s volume – were “generally working-class folk or fellow students”.

Each plasma donation typically takes one hour, with whole blood being drawn from the patient. The plasma is then separated in a machine next to the bed, before the blood cells are returned to the person in saline solution.

In countries such as the UK, where blood donation is entirely voluntary and unpaid, paying for it might seem distasteful or exploitative.

But in nations such as the US, Germany, Austria, and certain provinces of Canada, people do indeed get remunerated for giving blood, and business is booming.

There is in fact a huge multi-billion dollar global market in the sale of plasma.

Plasma can be sold globally because unlike whole blood it has a very long shelf life.

While whole blood is typically kept refrigerated and needs to be used within 42 days, plasma can be stored for up to 10 years as long as it is kept frozen.

How Long Does It Take

Your first plasma donation takes longer than future visits. The first donation will take around two hours because youll need to fill out paperwork. Return donation visits should only take around an hour and a half.

If you are larger, the process will take a little longer because youll be donating more plasma .

Be sure to bring a book or a streaming device to help pass the time and to help you relax. Many plasma centers offer free Wi-Fi.

Remember that a complete plasma donation requires two separate visits. The minimum waiting period is one day between the two donations. Its possible to donate on Monday and again on Wednesday.

The maximum interval between donations can be 14 days or you forfeit your payment and the plasma center disposes of your first donation. Some centers hold your first donation for up to six months until you make your second donation.

You wont earn money donating plasma if you only visit the plasma center once. Plasma centers issue payment after you donate the second part.

Find Local Blood Centers Near Me

3200+ blood banks listed! Over 10,000 comments from donors since 2005! Review the comments to know what to expect. Always call 1st and let us know if the number or location has changed. Leave a comment on your experiences to help others manage expectations 🙂 This is our most popular feature of the site and should not be missed. Check out our Blood Donor Android App for mobile access to our directory.

This high quality blog is maintained by bestselling author Michael S. Williams. The focus is to provide in-depth articles and great videos about the blood industry. Our premise is that you can make about $300 a month donating plasma, and it’s a real gateway into donating whole blood at Red Cross blood donation centers to save lives. So we like to promote plasma donation as great habit to start. Also, you can Submit Blood Center for a featured article and to be included in our master database.

This awesome new technology can freeze umbilical cord blood stem cells to repair you truly fascinating medical advances meets science-fiction stuff. Here we talk about new trends and provide an honest look at many of the cordblood banks, there is BIG $$$ to be had in this new industry! We do this because its just plain cool…c’mon us blood donors need a little sci-fi escape too 🙂

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Are There Risks To Donating Plasma

The blood plasma industry is steeped in controversy. Over the last several years, critics have called out donation facilities for targeting the poorest Americans, and for paying them far less than their donations are worth .

When it comes to a donor’s personal health, however, the risks are minimal, says Dr. Scott Wright, cardiologist and a leader of Mayo Clinics national COVID-19 plasma therapy program.

As with a traditional blood donation, it might hurt a little when the needle goes into your arm, but that should only last a couple of seconds.

If you have a huge phobia with needles you may feel lightheaded or have some anxiety, but the staff at most donation centers are equipped to help with that fear, Wright says.

Before you head to your appointment, make sure youve drunk plenty of fluids. Always let the screener know if you’ve had any recent surgeries or medical conditions, are taking any medications or have gotten a tattoo or piercing in the last year, since all of these activities can lead to medical complications.

Where Can I Donate Plasma For Money


Start by checking the offers from blood banks in your area. You may find some interesting ones, since some banks are in great need of this essential blood component.

You can also use dedicated websites, like

There are also companies dedicated to plasma donation that have interesting compensation programs:

You can locate one of their centers and make a visit there for more details.

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What Is Blood Plasma And Is It Safe To Donate

Plasma is the largest component of blood. It is a clear liquid that is filled with water enzymes and antibodies.

When you donate blood, the plasma is separated by a machine from other blood components such as red blood cells are are returned to the donor.

Plasma donations are regulated by authoritative bodies including the FDA. Plasma collection have to operate with a high level of cleanliness are are rigorously regulated because of their nature. Most centers only take plasma donations rather than a whole blood donation.

What To Do Before Donating Plasma

Are you wondering, what should I eat before giving plasma? or can I drink alcohol before donating plasma?

A lot of people wonder what they should do before they go to make a plasma donation.

Well, there are a few things that you should do:

  • Drink plenty of water

Read on for the why and how you should do or not do these things.

Drink plenty of water

We cant stress the importance of this tip enough. Drinks lots, and we mean lots of water around 6 to eight cups of water the day before and on the day of your donation.

Drink 6 to 8 cups of water or juice the day before and day of your donation.

Eat protein-rich, iron-rich meals

Eat a protein-rich, iron-rich meal no more than 3 hours before donating.

Foods that are high in protein include things like chicken and tuna.

Foods that are high in iron include broccoli, collards and turkey.

Avoid fatty foods entirely

Eating fatty foods like potato chips, pizza, sweets or French fries on the day that you donate can cause your plasma to become milky.

This will cause the center to reject your donation.

So avoid eating fatty foods in the days before your donation and on the day of your donation.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Do not drink any alcohol on the night before and day of your donation.

Make sure that you avoid caffeine on the day of your donation as well.

Get a good nights sleep

Wear comfortable and practical clothing

Take something with you so you wont get bored

You could also consider taking in a book or a magazine.

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What Is The Donation Process Like

My blogging friend Melissa Blevins has donated plasma and shares her experiences with the plasma donation process:

During the blood plasma donation exam, youll be moved to an exam room where a staff member will ask several questions about your medical history and any tattoos, brandings, and/or piercings you have currently or have gotten in the past 12 months.

They clean the injection site with iodine, and they insert a needle for the plasmapheresis process .

The needle feels exactly like an IV. It only hurts if they cant get a vein, blow a vein, or you wiggle around a lot during the process.

I suggest taking a stress ball to squeeze so that your flow isnt interrupted and youre able to complete the process faster.

Sounds just like donating red blood.

Earn Money And Help Others Through Antibody Plasma Donations For Medical Research

Getting Paid For Plasma: Repeat Donors Earning Cash For Blood

PlasmaLab International in Everett WA is a plasma collection center for medical and diagnostic research. Antibodies from our allergy, autoimmune, and immune disorder plasma donors are used to develop test kits used by physicians to diagnose their patients. Antibody-rich plasma is also used to develop life-changingpotentially life-savingmedications and treatments.

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Donating Plasma During Covid

Most of what I wrote above pre-dates the Covid-10 pandemic and so we felt a need to add something for how it is during the pandemic.

As you would expect, the value of plasma has gone up now that the demand for plasma has gone up and the number of donors have gotten smaller.

We had a reader, Joleen, tell us that this is what she received in a series of eight donations in September and October 2020:

She was considered a new donor for her first eight donations and she received several bonuses. She got an extra $5 for scheduling another appointment during her current one plus an extra $30 if she gave 2 donations in the same week. In October, she was paid $100 per visit also with the bonuses.

After the eight, she was considered a returning donation and each donation is worth $25 and goes up by $5 each time you donate. Again, you get the $5 extra for rescheduling while youre there and the $30 bonus for donating in the same week. If you do 8 donations in a month, you get another $100 bonus on top of it all. She was in the Las Vegas area and all the local places were offerings similar bonuses.

Who Can Donate Plasma

Typically, if youre between the ages of 18 and 65 and weigh at least 110 pounds, you can be a plasma donor. Though some donation centers have additional requirements.

No matter the location, you’ll need to complete an extensive medical history screening and pass a medical examination before you’re allowed to donate plasma. A screening will take place each time you donate to ensure youre meeting the weight requirement, and that your blood pressure and iron level enable are in a safe range. At donation centers that work with PPTA, a more extensive medical exam is conducted before your first donation, and once a year after that, Efantis says. Donors will also need to get negative tests for transmissible viruses like hepatitis and HIV and have their protein and hemoglobin levels evaluated.

Be sure to call your closest donation center before visiting to make sure you qualify, and are prepared with the right documents. Thplasma, which is located in Fair Lawn, N.J., requires a government-issued identification card, a social security card or a recent W2 that has your social security number and a piece of mail postmarked within 60 days of your visit that can prove your address, which is pretty typical of center requirements.

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What To Do After Donating Plasma

You might wonder what to eat after donating plasma or what to avoid after donating plasma.

Once youve made your donation, its important to take a few steps.

Here are a few tips on what to do after you donate plasma:

  • Stay Hydrated: Continue to drink plenty of water once youve donated. This will replenish any fluids that were lost during the donation process.
  • Eat something: Eat foods rich in protein and iron not long after your donation. Also, eating or drinking something sugary right after your donation can make you feel a little better.
  • Avoid smoking for 30 minutes.
  • Dont drink alcohol for 4 hours.
  • Dont do any heavy lifting or strenuous activity for 24 hours after donation.
  • Make sure that you wait two days before you donate plasma again. This means that if, for example, you donated plasma on Monday, then your next donation shouldnt be until Wednesday.

How Often Can I Donate Blood Donate Plasma, Save Lives &  Get Paid : Apps &  Games

To donate blood again for a regular transfer, you must wait a total of 56 days .

The reason behind the wait is your body takes various amounts of time to regenerate what was taken. You might not feel physically different after giving blood, as your body will completely reform the plasma. But, this amount of time is needed, as it will take your body around 56 days to replace the red blood cells that were lost.

The exact amount of time is really dependent on different variables, such as:

But, 56 days is long enough to compensate for all groups of people.

Alternatively, if youre just donating platelets, you can do so every seven days, up to 24 times a year. This is because the red blood cells taken from your blood are replaced along with other components of your blood. Meanwhile, platelets only take about three days to be regenerated.

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Recent Donation Experience Feedback & Other Questions/concerns

CSL Plasma is committed to providing the best in customer service to our loyal plasma donors. We would like to know about your recent center visit. In addition, if you have a medical/compliance or deferral question related to a recent donation experience, we want to hear from you.

Or call 1-866-275-6800

You may also speak to a member of center management the next time you donate. Thank you.

Other Side Hustles To Earn Extra Bucks

If you do not qualify to donate plasma, do not worry as there are other ways to earn those extra dollars. Here are some side hustles that you can do.

  • You can participate in some clinical trials which are conducted to search for cures or new treatments for illnesses. You can earn up to $17,550.
  • If you are into real estate, you may try looking forjobs in the real estate investment trusts.
  • Phone actress jobs are also in demand especially for moms and college students. If you have the necessary skills in talking and socializing with people, this can be an option for you to add up to your savings.
  • Watching Netflix can also earn you some bucks. Its a great way to get some additional income while streaming movies and shows in the comfort of your own homes.
  • Youtube vlogging and snapchatting are also great ways to add up to your monthly income stream as these are the latest trends nowadays.

You may also check Flexjobs andFiverrfor a list of jobs that will best suit your skills. Check out our full Flexjobs reviewfor more details of the platform.

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What Is Donated Blood Used For

When you donate blood, youre supplying a future blood transfusion. A blood transfusion is done using an intravenous line to replace blood lost during surgery or from injury, disease, bleeding disorder, etc.

Donating blood can save a life, as having a blood transfusion can make all the difference in whether a person will live or die. They can also allow for an improvement in the quality of life for somebody with an incurable condition.

How Do Plasma Centers Pay You

Medical Information : How to Get Paid to Donate Plasma

Okay, so if youre considering selling your plasma for money, then youre probably wondering how these centers pay you.

You might be wondering if you get quick cash on the spot or cash to your bank account or PayPal account.

While all centers differ when it comes to payment methods, the most common type of payment is a prepaid debit card.

Make sure that you check with your particular donation center to get the details of how youll be paid.

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Grifols Earn Up To $200/mo

  • Find your nearest donation center here:
  • Official website:
  • Learn more about donating here:

While rates vary from center to center, when you donate blood to Grifols, you can earn up to $200.

The company does state, however, that you can only earn up to $200 a month if the plasma you donate is used to help make medicines.

According to the company, only plasma from repeat donors is used to make medicines. If you dont return to make a second donation, then your first donation cannot be used to produce medicines.

Basically, this means that youll have to donate more than once to make the $200.

Grifols has locations in the following states:

  • Learn more about donating here:
  • Find your nearest center here:

KEDPLASMA doesnt state how much it pays on its website. However, users on Reddit report their earnings at the companys centers.

  • One user in this Reddit thread says that they earned $50 per donation, twice per week, but that you need to have type negative blood in order to do this.
  • A user in this Reddit thread says that you can earn $250 over your first five trips, but after that youll earn less money.
  • In this Reddit thread, a user says that they make $300 a month, and $35 to $40 for the first and second donation in the week.

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