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Elder Scrolls Online Litany Of Blood

Litany Of Blood Achievement Guide Eso

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Welcome to the Litany of Blood achievement guide for ESO . In order to unlock the Litany of Blood achievement, you have to complete your first Sacrament Quest first. Nevusa will give you the Litany of Blood quest. You can find her in the Gold Coast Sanctuary in the room where Speaker Terenus resides in. You will receive the Litany of Blood book which contains cryptic clues about each of your targets. This Guide will help you find all the necessary targets to successfully complete the Litany of Blood Achievement.In order to complete this Litany of Blood Achievement guide for ESO you need access to the Gold Coast Zone, that means you will need to have either the Dark Brotherhood DLC or ESO Plus.

Introduction To Litany Of Blood Achievement

This Guide will help you find all the necessary targets to successfully complete the Litany of Blood Achievement.


  • All targets must be killed using the Blade of Woe, otherwise it does not count.
  • The target will be in the city where it should be located. The target can walk throught most of the city, so it is never at the same spot
  • The clues in the Litany of Blood are not literal, they have to be interpreted.
  • You will know them by their eye. All targets will have one white eye, this is the dead giveaway you should be looking for once you find a target that matches the clues.
  • You can start the quest after you have progressed to a certain point of the main story. Once thats the case you can talk to Nevusa.

You receive two rewards upon completion of the Achievement

  • Executioner title
  • Cadaverous Assassin Polymorph

Eso Dark Brotherhood Litany Of Blood Achievement

Published October 8, 2019 by Tim Trott.

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  • Litany of Blood is a quest chain from the Dark Brotherhood which involves assassinating various NPC’s around Tamriel with the Blade of Woe.

    The quest is available from Nevusa Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary once you have completed the quest “A Lesson in Silence” and the first Sacrament quest. Speak with Nevusa, read the book then speak with Nevusa again.

    There are 15 NPC’s to be assassinated, this is a list and where to find them. Once you arrive at the location, the NPC can be identified as they will have a white eye icon above them. Once killed with the Blade of Woe they will disappear in a cloud of ash. They will then appear as a ghost inside the Sanctuary on a pedestal.

    Once you complete the mission you will be awarded the Cadaverous Assassin outfit and the Litany of Blood furnishing, as well as some gold.

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    Gold Coast Cave Delver

    Discover and clear both explorable caves in the Gold CoastGarlas Agea Hrota CaveGame Session


    To join the Dark Brotherhood you’ll need to first need to either talk to the relevant NPC, Amelie Crow or by using the collections tab, open the DLC in the “Stories” menu and trigger the quest to begin. Either way you’ll be directed to Anvil where Amelie will test you by getting you to kill an innocent in Anvil before leaving a courier in her stead to direct you over to the lighthouse where you will be able to finish up and unlock Blade of Woe as well as the Dark Brotherhood Storyline and Skill tree.

    Very Rare

    315 total DBR5 DBR10 DBR10 DBR

    105 DBR210 DBR 21 Murder Sprees42 ContractsDBR, DBR

    Very Rare

    As of the One Tamriel update many years ago, at any point during your adventure you can go to any faction’s zones without risk, meaning that this trophy can be obtained whenever you feel like it.

    Ultra Rare

    Online: Litany Of Blood Fulfilled

    Litany Of Blood Shadowfen / Witchmother brew  Elder Scrolls Online ...
    Found in the following locations:

    A Dark Brotherhood prayer

    The original version of this book, named “Litany of Blood“, transforms into this shortened book upon completion of the quest.

    Prey to thee, Dread Father, those born to Anu.

    Pray from we, Night Mother, those born from you.

    I offer they whom anathema sought to hide.

    You will know them by their eye.

    Hail, for in blood they weep.

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    Elder Scrolls Online Dark Brotherhood Dlc Appears 31 May On Pc

    Those lovable assassin types from the Dark Brotherhood will be emerging from doorways to join The Elder Scrolls Online from 31 May on PC. In fact, if you have access to the Elder Scrolls Online public test server on PC, the Dark Brotherhood stuff can be played around with from today.

    Anybody with an active Elder Scrolls Online Plus membership gets this DLC as part of their subscription. People who want to buy it separately will have to shell out 2,000 crowns which I believe translates to $20.00 USD in real life money. Theres also a Collectors Bundle available for 4,000 crowns that comes with the Highland Wolf Mount, the Sylvan Nixad pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls.

    Heres what the Dark Brotherhood DLC will add to the game. You can read more at the following link.

    • Access to join the Dark Brotherhood and become an assassin for hire
    • The Gold Coast, available to characters of all levels, where you can explore Anvil and Kvatch for the first time since The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    • A new passive skill line, exclusive to members of the Dark Brotherhood
    • Hours of exciting story content and quests that will have you revisiting your favorite areas of Tamriel
    • New repeatable activities, including:
    • Bounty Quests: The Dark Brotherhood is not the only group on the Gold Coast who offers gold for martial expertise. Daily bounties await you in the cities of Anvil and Kvatch.
    • Take on these quests to conquer delves, battle in the Kvatch Arena, or vanquish a monstrous minotaur!

    Defender Of The Gold Coast

    Defeat both of the world bosses in the Gold Coast

    • Finding an adequate solo build online that you are comfortable with using and attempting to roll the world bosses solo, Hack the Minotaur is a decent site for this
    • Grouping with friends or utilizing the game sessions feature to bring together enough people to do it at an organized time and date.

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    Litany Of Blood Guide

    After doing your first job for the Sanctuarys matron, and your first sacrament quest, Nevusa will appear at the Sanctuary to tell you that she is bringing a special book from the Listener: The Litany of Blood, which can only be read by those chosen by Sithis. She has already presented it to several of your Brothers and Sisters, but they only found blank pages. Now she asks you to take a look at it.

    Read the book, and you will find instructions for targets all over Tamriel, each instruction concluded with the words You will know them by their eye. Ask Nevusa about the hints, and she will tell you to murder the people described in the book to please the Dread Father. This concludes the quest.

    • All targets must be killed using the Blade of Woe, otherwise they wont count.
    • The clues in the Litany of Blood are not literal, they have to be interpreted.
    • The target will be within the city it is assigned to in the Litany.
    • You will know them by their eye. All targets will have one white eye, this is the dead giveaway you should be looking for once you find a target that matches the clues .
    • You do have to make sure youve progressed enough in the Dark Brotherhood storyline to obtain the Litany of Blood, otherwise the targets wont count.

    Litany of Blood

    A chant to the Night Mother Woe unto they, Night Mother, those born to Anu.

    From beyond deaths prison, I offer those who meet my unshriven gaze with your blades cold caress.You will know them by their eye.

    Litany Of Blood Targets

    Monster Factory: Exploring Skyrim with Garfield

    Recognizable on a white/blind eye

    Gideelar She can be found wandering the dotted path on the map, southwest of the Stormhold Wayshrine, the lower dotted path farther SW, or near the bank on the semi-circular road between the bank and wayshrine. She can be found shoveling. I offer she who is caked in mud but wears a halo of bone, bright and untouched by mire.

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    Online: Litany Of Blood

    Cadaverous Assassin
    Execute all targets listed in the Litany of Blood and collect your reward.

    Litany of Blood is awarded for executing the Litany of Blood target in each of the 15 Alliance zones using the Blade of Woe.

    The names of the targets are not given, and unlike standard contract targets, they will also not be marked by the black hand. Your only clues are which city they may be found in with a vague description and the cryptic “You will know them by their eye.” What this refers to is the fact that every one of the targets is blind in their left eye, which you can see by the fact that there is no pupil, only milky white. Also, unlike normal Blade of Woe victims, they will disappear into a puff of red smoke when killed, and leave a pile of ash.

    Each of these targets will wander throughout the city, so a specific location cannot be given, and you may find that you are not the only player stalking them. They will respawn instantly elsewhere in the city when killed however, so you can keep searching if someone else gets them first. It is possible to find and kill these targets before you are given the quests. If you do so, you will receive credit as soon as you do start the quest.


    Online: Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary

    Few get to see the interior of a Sanctuary of the Dark Brotherhood. Even fewer survive to tell the tale.

    The Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary is the hidden lair of the Dark Brotherhood on the Gold Coast. It is located north of the Gold Coast Wayshrine, between Anvil and Kvatch, near Varen’s Wall. A chest is located east of the sanctuary, near a Minotaur Shaman‘s camp. A heavy sack is located in the Minotaur Shaman’s camp.

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    Easiest Titles To Earn In The Elder Scrolls Online

    Destroying 250 of the Dark Anchors from ESO’s Coldharbour will earn the Title Enemy of Coldharbour. The Title Daedric Lord Slayer can be unlocked by defeating all 16 Generals sent by Molag Bal, benefactor of the infamous Skyrim mace, that can appear at these Dark Anchors. This Title can be a bit harder to earn for players who are just starting the game, as these generals spawn based on the encounters all present players have had. All of Molag Bal’s Generals are able to spawn at every Dolmen, so just joining in on these battles should get players closer to acquiring the Title with each fight.

    Most Alliance War Ranks also unlock matching Titles once they are earned. These rankings will unlock once the player has entered Cyrodiil for the first time. The Volunteer Title is the easiest Title to earn using this method and is acquired at Alliance Rank 2.

    Players looking to purchase a home may also earn an ESO Title with their investment. Obtaining and entering Daggerfall Overlook, one of the best player houses available in ESO, will earn players the Title Lord / Lady, obtaining and entering Serenity Falls Estate will earn the Title Clan Father / Clan Mother, and obtaining and entering Ebonheart Chateau will earn the Title Councilor. Additionally, the Title Count / Countess will unlock for any character that owns all three of these notable homes.

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