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Dexter: New Blood Episode 5

Dexter: New Blood Episode 5

Next On Episode 5 | Dexter: New Blood | SHOWTIME

If the first four episodes of Dexter: New Blood have been merely table setting, then Runaway is the episode in which the meal finally arrives. After last weeks season-best installment, Runaway is chock-full of close calls and game-changing reveals that will fundamentally change the second half of the show. Not only is Dexter possibly losing his grip on the newfound connection that he has with his son, but his entire assumed identity in Iron Lake appears to be in serious jeopardy. How the writers decide to deal with the episodes final stinger will ultimately determine the success of this series and whether any lessons were learned from the shows shaky past.

While Dexters choice to confront Harrison over his heroic act is correct, his logic as to why he wants to certainly is warped. His fatherly instincts want to keep Harrison from going down a similar lonely, dangerous path that he traveled, but Dexter is also looking to share his Dark Passenger with another person that understands. Being a monster in disguise is lonely, and Dexter hopes that a clean confession from Harrison will start a dialogue in which father and son can commiserate over their murderous urges. Ghost Deb pleads with Dexter not to confess, knowing that it will likely scar Harrison further or send him the wrong message. The debate is a great showcase for both Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, both combative and oddly tender.

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Where Do We Go From Here

The scene where Kurt sees Harrison trying to leave town and convinces him to have dinner with him was one of the most intriguing to me. He talked Harrison into going home. He talked to him about not being able to outrun the rage thats inside him, almost as if he knew him better than he should. One killer able to spot another? A good guess as to whats plaguing Harrison? Or does Kurt know more about Dexter and Harrison than he should?

I was never really satisfied with the explanation in the first season about who Dexters biological father was. It seemed a little too convenient to me, like it was a merely a way to give Rudy an interesting kill but not a fully thought out plot point. One where they left themselves some narrative wiggle room, as the blood type explanation given can be easily worked out. Im still of the opinion that I dont want Kurt to be related to Dexter but why else would he take such a strong interest in both Dexter and Harrison and keep the cops off Dexters trail?

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What Could Be Next For The Dexter Franchise

While Levines comments may squash fan hopes for a quick return to the world of Dexter, they do not entirely discount the possibility of the franchise continuing. Though Halls Dexter Morgan eventually met his end at the hands of his own son, the finale also set up the potential for a new spinoff following Jack Alcotts Harrison as he with his own dark impulses. Alcott has already expressed enthusiasm for the idea of returning as the character, and showrunner Clyde Phillips has also suggested he is open to returning to Dexters world.

Moreover, just because his character is dead does not necessarily discount Hall from reprising his iconic role, either. Just like James Remars Harry Morgan in the original Dexter series and Jennifer Carpenters Debra in New Blood, a new series could potentially see a posthumous Dexter appear to Harrison in much the same way his own loved ones once appeared to him. If a Dexter continuation planned to follow Harrison evolving into his own version of a vigilante serial killer, there would be no better person to advise him on his journey. While there might not be any immediate plans for more Dexter: New Blood, fans would still be keen to see more of Halls serial killer.

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Dexter: New Blood Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 begins as Dexter contemplates how to help his son with the razor he found in his hand. His conscience, Debra , implores him to help Harrison the correct way. She considers what Harry did to Dexter was child abuse. When Harrison returns, still euphoric about being hailed as the towns hero, Dexter tries to speak to his son and make him see that he can be honest with his father. But the confrontation has the opposite effect than what Dexter hoped, ending up making Harrison even more defensive and angry.

Harrison later attends a party with the supposed survivors from Ethans list as its guest of honor. With his fathers words still reverberating in his mind, he stuffs himself up with beer, ecstasy, and opioids, and overdoses. Fortunately, Audrey has been sober throughout the party, and she calls the first responders. Logan subsequently arrives and saves Harrisons life.

The incident brings the Dark Passenger out of Dexter. But this time, its not necessarily to satiate his murderous desire but to punish those who hurt his son. He tracks down the man responsible for the drugs and nearly kills him the way he does his regular victims. But then Logan arrives, and Dexter is forced to improvise. When the police barge in, they find that the man has overdosed.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 5 Recap: Dexter Gets Sloppy While Seeking Vengeance

ASMELASH panosundaki Pin

As expected, Dexter doesnt take the news of his sons near-death experience well and immediately starts looking for vengeance, an act that makes him sloppy and almost gets him caught at two different points in the episode. First, he tracks down the drug dealer who sold to Scott, a low-life who hangs out at a Moose Creek dive bar named Miles.

Dexter has just injected Miles with ketamine when Logan arrives, forcing Dexter to change tactics. He gives him a pissed-off dad beatdown instead, which Logan buys. He doesnt even get mad, understanding why Dexter would lash out and later, he intimidates Miles by revealing that if Harrison had died, he might not have bothered pulling Dexter off.

But like Scott, Miles is just a mule bringing drugs from one point to another. Hes not the person actually making the deadly concoction. It doesnt take long for Miles to give up the name of the source, Jasper and Dexter hangs around the police station just long enough to get his address.

This time, Dexter manages to get Jasper in his signature plastic wrap set-up before the cops arrive, yet again causing a panicked Dexter to change course. He forces Jasper to overdose and clears out before the cops find him.

Jack Alcott as Harrison in DEXTER: NEW BLOOD, Runaway. Photo Credit: Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME.

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Routine Routine Broken Routine

Kurt shows Chloe the room hes offering, and shes beyond thrilled. Soon, though, she realizes shes trapped and spots the camera. She concocts a strategy to goad Kurt. First, she begins removing her shirt, and through a mic, he tells her to stop. But she doesnt, removing her bra until Kurt angrily shuts the camera off for the time being. When she lies on the bed, she reveals a large mirror shard.

Kurt begins prepping to kill her. He opens the door to let her out, saying she can leave. Instead, she demands he makes her. He heads to the room, and she attacks, slicing his cheek with the shard. He drags her outside, but the kill doesnt go as planned. Chloe still dies, but Kurts entire routine is thrown off balance. Irritated, he heads to his diner, where he runs into Harrison, who was leaving town. Kurt buys Harrison a meal and asks whats next. He imparts advice Harrison doesnt want before offering Harrison a job.

What Angela Discovering Dexter’s Identity Means For New Blood

In the final moments of Dexter: New Blood episode 5, Angela has proof that Jim Lindsay is actually Dexter Morgan, and her boyfriend has been lying to her for years. When Angela returns home from NYC, Audrey tells her that Harrison said his dads name isnt Jim Lindsay, which leads Angela to connect the dots from Angels statement. Having ended her conversation with Angel by him recalling the death of Dexter who left behind a son named Harrison, Angela searched up the obituary for Miami’s Dexter Morgan, and, lo and behold, Jim Lindsays face was in the newspaper. The episode ends with the obituary being printed out, so Angelas reaction is so far unknown, but it means Dexter is facing a heap of trouble for the rest of New Blood.

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Dexter: New Blood Recap: Episode 5 Runaway

This week on Dexter: New Blood, Molly and Angela decide to pursue new information about Matt, and a face Dexter fans know well returns. Meanwhile, Dexters paternal instinct kicks into deadly high gear. Read on to find out what happens in Runaway.

Warning: Run away now if you dont want spoilers.

Just A Little Protective

BTS: Batista’s Back | Dissecting Dexter: New Blood | SHOWTIME

After setting Harrison up with breakfast, Jim heads out. Before he goes anywhere, though, he grabs some black trash bags from the shed. Next, he heads to see his livestock vet, Dr. Patel. Dexter claims he needs meds for his goat. As shes currently preoccupied, Dr. Patel tells him where to find ketamine, also saying he can take syringes and anything else he needs when he asks. So, he grabs the ketamine, a couple of syringes, and plastic wrap.

Nearly ready for a kill, Dexter heads to Crystal Bar, where he stalks Miles. He manages to get Miles outside to tranq him. But Logan and Teddy have impeccable timing and drive up almost in time to see whats going on. Dexter covers, resorting to beating Miles in a fit of rage. They go back to the station, where Logan questions Miles. Dexter strategically places himself within hearing range. Thanks to that and some additional slick moves, he learns Miles suppliers name and address.

Dexter then heads to Jaspers. Deb tries to talk him out of it. She wants Dexter to focus on being a good dad, and Dexter thinks he is. But hes acting out of vengeance, not his urges or the Code. He doesnt care. The house has just enough evidence to fit the Code anyway. Dexter gets in and gets Jasper on his table, in a kill room set up in the house. However, as Dexter is about to kill Jasper, he hears something outside. Its Logan. Dexter changes his plans, forcing Jasper to inhale some drugs before cutting him free and leaving him for the police to find.

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Angela And Molly Are Becoming A Duo

Chief Bishop and podcaster Molly Park are continuing their team-up, and this time take a road trip to see if Matt Caldwell is really alive . However, this trip becomes even more engrossing when Angela meets a surprise guest star , which leaves her questioning Dexter’s true identity. This trip is essential in showing Angela and Molly’s friendly and evolving partnership, while also allowing both women to broaden their horizons and receive advice from fellow cops about how to tackle complex cases.

Dexter will undoubtedly become more vulnerable as the series progresses because the police will potentially become more suspicious of Dexter and his secret identity, especially due to Dexter letting his emotions for Harrison cloud his judgment. Kurt Caldwell appears to be a killer who enjoys watching women become vulnerable and helpless because he must have experienced hardships in his past and wants to take control of other people. Fans will have to keep watching as the series heads deeper into dark territory.

New episodes of Dexter: New Blood air Sundays on Showtime.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 5 Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, Dexter: New Blood Episode 5 proved why the show has such a huge fan following even today. You just dont know what to expect next. I was engrossed from the start till the end. Even a 50+ minutes episode felt like it was not enough. Just stop everything and check it out if its available in your country.

New Episode Runaway is now streaming on Voot.



Dexter: New Blood Episode 5 Review: Titled ‘Runaway’, Dexter wants to be a “good dad”, but the twists hint that Harrison might turn into a “bad son”.

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An Angel Lands In New York

Angela and Molly are at the station. Logan tells them he ran Matts credit card and got a hit at the hotel. Angela is annoyed, wanting to scold Matt in person. So, Molly says they should go to Manhattan. Angela agrees, mentioning a law enforcement conference about missing persons she wants to attend.

They reach the hotel, and Logan calls Angela to tell her about the party and that Audrey is safe. Meanwhile, Molly tries to sweet talk information out of the front desk attendant, Thomas. He refuses to tell her anything until Angela flashes her badge. They learn Matt checked out the previous night. With a little more pushing, Thomas agrees to show them security footage later. Once they get it, they see the man is assuredly not Matthew Caldwell.

They head to the conference, where the one and only CAPTAIN Angel Batista discusses how Miami Metro broke the Bay Harbor Butcher case information that can be useful to Angela. After, Angela finds him and tells him about the missing girls. She knows something is off. He tells her to listen to her instinct. As he gets up to get drinks, he says this reminds him of the Trinity Killer case, and how a detective Debra Morgan helped break it by following her instinct. Angela thinks Debra could help. But Batista breaks the news she died along with her brother who left behind a son. A son whose name Batista doesnt remember until he does. Harrison.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 5 Recap: Kurt Caldwell Is Confirmed To Be The Masked Killer In The Woods

Dexter: The Final Cuts â kelley lonergan

Elsewhere in town, we finally get confirmation that Kurt Caldwell is indeed the masked killer keeping a creepy house in the woods to kidnap young women. This week he prepares Chloe to become his next victim, but Chloe messes up his intricate ritual by attacking Kurt when he comes to her room.

Then he tries to force her to run through the woods like we saw him do with Lily. Chloe brazenly charges him instead, resulting in Kurt shooting her through the head. He becomes distressed by the change in his ritual, marking an interesting contrast to Dexter, who is also meticulous in his ceremonial kills. While we still dont know Kurts motive or the full extent of his killing ritual, we do know that it isnt sexually motivated. Chloe attempts to seduce him by stripping in front of the cameras, and all that does is infuriate Kurt.

Later, post-recovery, Harrison attempts to leave town. Kurt finds him walking alone on the side of the road and takes him to the same diner where he previously met with Lily and Chloe. He even offers Harrison a job there as he did for Chloe. Kurts advice convinces Harrison to stay in town, which could mean that a conflict will later arise between Kurt vs. Dexter. Which man will Harrison listen to?

: Julia Jones as Angela and Jamie Chung as Molly in DEXTER: NEW BLOOD, Runaway. Photo Credit: Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME.

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What Happens In Dexter: New Blood Episode 5

I have screened the episodes so light teasers ahead! If you think Dexter Morgan is sloppy this season, just wait until you watch episode 5. You will be shaking your head and yelling at Dexter. The episode is titled Runaway, and the official synopsis from Showtime, is:

Dexters method of protecting his son from drugs unleashes his Dark Passenger. Meanwhile, Angela and Mollys New York City trip leaves them wondering about a well-respected member of the community.

If you loved Debra Morgan in the original Dexter series, same! But I just cant with her in New Blood. Lets just say, she needs to relax. I understand her role as Dexters conscience, but I found her particularly irritating in this episode. Fans can also expect a major reveal tonight! And speaking of reveals, get ready for a blast from the past.

Will you be watching new episodes of New Blood as soon as they drop on the Showtime streaming app or catch them later in the day?

Why Angel Batista’s Return Was So Dangerous For Dexter

Although Angel Batistas New Blood cameo was one of the only moments to put a smile on the faces of original Dexter fans, it also sealed Dexters fate of having his Iron Lake facade revealed. While Deb and Dexter‘s Trinity Killer were confirmed to return ahead of New Bloods premiere, they didnt pose any real threat to Dexters new life considering theyre both deceased. The same goes for Harrison, hes a relic of Dexters past but, as far as New Blood has shown, has little to no knowledge of Dexters murderous habits or any real interest in exposing him. Angel Batista, on the other hand, is the first true connection between Dexters past and present someone who truly believes Dexter is dead but has dangerous knowledge of his life that those in Iron Lake can link to Jim Lindsay.

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