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Cast Of Dexter: New Blood

All We Know About Dexter New Blood Season 2

BTS: The Finale | Dissecting Dexter: New Blood | SHOWTIME

Everything we know so far

Following the success of the first season of Dexter: New Blood, fans are looking forward for a potential announcement by the series makers regarding a second season.

The finale of Dexter: New Blood wrapped up the story of Dexter, who had disappeared in the original series finale, but returned for the new series under the alias Jim Lindsay.

According to Deadline, the seventh episode of the series registered 2.34 million total viewers across all platforms on December 19 and this marked the biggest Sunday audience for a Showtime series since the Shameless Season 8 premiere back on November 5, 2017.

Meanwhile, a month and a half after the first episode of Dexter: New Blood was aired, the series hit 8.2 million viewers.

“Dexter: New Blood is a limited series and any further discussions of Dexter will have to wait until we finish airing the limited series and see where we are with our stories and our characters,” Showtime’s President of Entertainment Gary Levine told Deadline back in December.

“Dexter: New Blood was really designed to have a proper conclusion to the series, and I believe we will deliver that in the best possible way.”

Is Dexter: New Blood Season 2 Renewed

While Showtime has yet to officially announce Dexter: New Blood season 2 or a spinoff series, the prospects for a return seem high. Clyde Phillips revealed that if Showtime lets him return to the series with Dexter: New Blood season 2, focussing on Harrison instead of Dexter, he would be on board. Dexter‘s original series writer Scott Reynolds also revealed on that he has an exciting announcement about Dexter for Monday morning, which many presume will be the reveal of an official spinoff. Reynolds wrote Dexter: New Blood episode 9, The Family Business”, which is the highest-rated installment of the season, so his returning for a second season is a positive look for the series. Considering the enormous popularity of Dexter: New Bloods reboot for Showtime, it seems that a second season or spinoff series is inevitable from a business standpoint.

Jack Alcott Studied At The University Of North Carolina

Jack Alcott stars as Harrison Morgan, and he is at the beginning of his acting career. Before his role on Dexter: New Blood, he played Jason Brown in the miniseries The Good Lord Bird. He stars as Dexters teenage son and does an excellent job of it. He graduated from the North Carolina School of the Arts, and its clear that his education has served him well in his acting career.

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Clancy Brown As Kurt Caldwell

Accomplished actor Clancy Brown joins Dexter: New Bloods cast as Kurt Caldwell, an antagonistic Iron Lake resident. As one of the wealthiest residents, Kurt holds a lot of power and sway over the town, which puts even more pressure on the police department when his troublesome son Matt goes missing. Brown is known for his roles as The Kurgan in Highlander, Charlie Zim in Starship Troopers, Jock in Billions, and Mr. Krabs in Spongebob Squarepants.

Jennifer Carpenter Appeared On Broadway With Liam Neeson

Dexter New Blood Cast

Jennifer Carpenter joined the original Dexter series as Debra Morgan and is a very welcome addition to the cast of New Blood. She is also notable for her roles in shows such as Limitless and The Enemy Within. Before she found success in her on-screen career, she actually appeared in Broadway alongside Liam Neeson and Laura Linney in a production of The Crucible.

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Find Out How To Watch The Long

Watch Dexter: New Blood weekly on Sky Atlantic and NOW from November 8

Its been a long eight years for Dexter fans but our favourite serial killer is back.

The show premiered way back in 2006 and quickly became a global hit, running for eight seasons.

With star Michael C Hall reunited with showrunner Clyde Brown, fans will be hoping that the revival will help redeem the series after its divisive conclusion back in 2013.

Heres everything you need to know about the shows return

Jennifer Carpenter As Debra Morgan

Main Dexter actress Jennifer Carpenter returns in New Blood alongside Hall as Debra Morgan, Dexters adoptive sister. Deb was Dexters closest connection throughout his life, who only found out he was a serial killer in Dexter season 7. The original series finale controversially saw Deb dying after a serious blood clot from being shot by a serial killer, leading Dexter to mercifully unplug her life support and dump her body in the ocean per his ritual. Debs role in New Blood has her taking over Harrys job as Dexters dark passenger from the original series. While Deb is still dead in Dexters new season, she serves as Dexters conscience through mental manifestations. Debs actress Jennifer Carpenter has also notably starred in White Chicks, Limitless, and The Enemy Within, as well as voicing Sonya Blade in the Mortal Kombat Legends animated film series.

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Dexter Season 9 Photo Reveals New And Old Cast

Dexter: New Blood will premiere next month.

Dexter’s revival is just around the corner, and now fans have been treated to a first-look image of the cast.

In 2020, a ten-episode limited series with Michael C Hall reprising the role of serial killer Dexter Morgan was greenlit. Last month, Showtime released the first trailer for the series, ahead of its US debut next month.

A new image shows a mix of both new and recurring characters in the snow, teasing what lies ahead for one of the most polarising anti-heroes of recent TV history.

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The last season of the show had left Dexter taking on a new identity as a lumberjack in the Pacific Northwest, and it looks like this is where the new chapter will be set.

We also get a look at the ensemble cast posing in front of a snowy lodge. From left to right: Clancy Brown as Kurt Caldwell, Johnny Sequoyah as Audrey Bishop, Jack Alcott as Harrison Morgan, Alano Miller as Logan, Julia Jones as Angela Bishop, Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan, and Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan.

Speaking about this new instalment, co-president of entertainment for Showtime Gary Levine weighed in on the significance the series holds.

Dexter is such a special series, both for its millions of fans and for Showtime, as this breakthrough show helped put our network on the map many years ago,” Levin told Variety.

Dexter New Blood Cast: Character Guide And Descriptions

BTS: Inside Dexter: New Blood | SHOWTIME

Dexter: New Blood brings back some of our favorite characters while giving the cast some fresh new faces.

This article contains spoilers for DexterDexter first aired on Showtime in 2006 to massive praise and success. A show centering on a serial killer that only kills bad people captivated audiences and left critics buzzing. So, fans were left utterly disappointed by the series finale in 2013. The frustration was renewed when Dexter saw a renaissance with the boom of streaming. With Dexter living through the finale, audiences hoped more would come from the eight-season show.

When Showtime announced Dexter: New Blood, it was met with excitement and speculation on what the new series would bring. Dexter: New Blood aired on November 7, 2021, and took place 10 years after the close of its predecessor. The new story added to the original series while keeping the same comfortable formula that we expect from the writers of Dexter. The series brings back some of our favorite characters while adding some fresh new faces into the mix.

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Whats The Deal With Season 2 Of Dexter

You might believe the answer is no after seeing the season finale. Dexter, whose identity he had changed to Jim Lindsay, met a horrible end after his history was exposed. The well-known actor Michael C. Halls character, Harrison, was slain in a confrontation with his brutal and estranged son .

But this does not mean that there is no hope for the future. In the end, it appeared that the two were finally getting along because they both had shadowy sides and desired to cause harm to others. According to Dexter, both of them were born in blood because when they were little, their parents passed away, and they were left sobbing and drenched in their blood after being abandoned by them.

Dexter: New Blood Season 2 Cast

The most obvious character return for Dexter: New Blood season 2 or a spinoff is actor Jack Alcott as Harrison Morgan, who would have to lead the series. Other possible returning characters from Dexter: New Blood‘s season 1 finale are Julia Jones as Angela Bishop, Johnny Sequoyah as Audrey Bishop, David Zayas as Angel Batista, Oscar Wahlberg as Zach, Andrew Fama as Scott, and David Magidoff as Teddy. If Harrison has more flashbacks to his mothers death, Dexter season 10 could also bring back John Lithgow for a Trinity Killer cameo. Since Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan only returned in Dexter: New Blood as Dexters imaginary conscience, it seems unlikely that she would appear again going forward.

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Clancy Brown Plays Kurt Caldwell

Who is Kurt Caldwell?

Kurt Caldwell is one of the wealthier members of the Iron Lake community, and he runs a truck stop on the edge of town. Hes well liked among the town as he helps out anyone in need – although hes not above reminding everyone how much he contributes to Iron Lake. He has a son called Mike Caldwell, who refuses to grow up and regularly holds wild parties for his friends. However, Mikes recklessness often means that Kurt has to step in to clean up his sons mess.

What else has Clancy Brown been in?

The real question is what hasnt Clancy Brown been in? Hes probably best known for playing the steely Captain Hadley in The Shawshank Redemption as well as Sergeant Zim in the satirical science fiction adventure Starship Troopers. Since then hes added his voice to some incredible roles in animation, playing Lex Luthor in Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

He also appeared in Thor: Ragnarok as the Fire Lord, Surtur, and in 2021 he voiced the demon detective Damien Darkblood in the Invincible TV series. But his most important role? Mr Krabs in SpongeBob SquarePants. After Dexter: New Blood, Clancy Brown is joining Keanu Reeves for John Wick 4.

Will There Be A Season Two Of Dexter: New Blood

Dexter: New Blood Initial Episode Hints Dexter

We’re willing to bet that the Dexterverse will continue somehow. Whether that means another season of Dexter: New Blood, or a series under a new name following Harrison, we’ll have to wait and see. Regardless, in a conversation with Deadline, show-runner Clyde Phillips seemed confident in Dexter: New Blood‘s value to Showtime, in addition to confirming his interest in continuing Harrison’s story.

“As I mentioned, this show is a huge asset,” Phillips said. “When people start bingeing this after the finale, Im confident the numbers will continue to go up. Its up to Showtime to make the call to me if they want more. If they ask me if Id like to make a continuation of this, I would say yes. I have a lot of things going on but I would drop everything for this and say yes in one second.”

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Dexter Traded Heat Stroke For Frostbite In A Bonus Final Run That Righted The Wrongs Of Season 8

Warning: The following contains full spoilers for all of Dexter: New Blood, which is now streaming on Showtime. For more, check out reviews of each episode below:

Vigilante serial killer Dexter Morgan returned to our lives, ready to suffer the consequences he wasn’t allowed to fully absorb at the end of series’ original run, in Dexter: New Blood. This frosty years-later revival was designed to be a follow-up season that was both a fairly obvious attempt by Showtime at a finale re-do but also one that most fans welcomed after almost a decade of being bummed out about a once-great series being marred by a bad finish. Overall, aside from a few meandering episodes that dabbled in the show’s old frustrating delay tactics, it worked really well and its new, improved ending was poignant, fitting, and haunting in all the ways the 2013 one wasn’t.

The use of Jennifer Carpenter’s Deb now as Dexter’s new ghost, his revived conscience if you will, was mostly effective. Yes, there were times she just acted the same way Ghost Harry did and was a source of constant warning/nagging, but other times she was used to make a huge impact. Like the way she existed in the first episode, just lovingly by Dexter’s side most of the time , or how she helped Dexter work his own son’s high school crime scene in Episode 4, “H is for Hero.”

All About Michael C Hall And His Journey As Dexter

In addition to Dexter, Hall has appeared in multiple projects, including Six Feet Under, Paycheck and Gamer. He is a big-time Broadway performer who has done shows like Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Cabaret, Macbeth and Chicago, among others.

Hall has been married thrice and his second wife was Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Dexters sister Debra in the thriller series. She will also return to Dexter: New Blood, as some kind of voice or ghost who will guide Dexter when he will incline toward his dark side.

Apart from Hall, Dexter: New Blood stars a roster of talented actors and most of them have featured in the original series.

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‘dexter: New Blood’: Cast And Crew

Dexter: New Blood has been developed by Clyde Phillips, the showrunner of Dexter’s first four seasons and for Dexter: New Blood.

The first six episodes are directed by Marcos Siega, who also directed several episodes for Dexter. Siega is an executive producer alongside Michael C Hall, Clyde Phillips, John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Bill Carraro, and Scott Reynolds.


Besides Hall as Dexter, the cast in the new miniseries includes actors Clancy Brown, David Magidoff, Julia Jones, Alano Miller, Johnny Sequoyah, Jack Alcott, and Jennifer Carpenter as Dexter’s sister Debra Morgan. .

Recurring cast members appearing in New Blood include Jamie Chung, Oscar Wahlberg, Michael Cyril Creighton, Katy Sullivan, and John Lithgow .

Dexter New Blood Season : Release Date

Dexter: New Blood: 25 Things You Missed

There has not been an official announcement on whether Dexter: New Blood will get a second season, but executive producer and showrunner Clyde Phillips expressed his desire to continue the story of the biological son of Dexter and Rita Morgan, Harrison Morgan.

“As I mentioned, this show is a huge asset,” Phillips told Deadline.

“When people start bingeing this after the finale, I’m confident the numbers will continue to go up. It’s up to Showtime to make the call to me if they want more. If they ask me if I’d like to make a continuation of this, I would say yes. I have a lot of things going on but I would drop everything for this and say yes in one second.”

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About Dexter: New Blood

The trailer of Dexter: New Blood has left fans intrigued and they are excited to know whether Dexter will go back to his old ways. However, the clip shows him saying that this time he will be an evolving monster.

The official synopsis of Dexter: New Blood reads:

Are you ready for Dexters return? Set 10 years after Dexter went missing in the eye of Hurricane Laura, DEXTER: NEW BLOOD finds him living under an assumed name in the fictional small town of Iron Lake, New York. Dexter may be embracing his new life, but in the wake of unexpected events in this close-knit community, his Dark Passenger inevitably beckons.

Dexter: New Blood is all set to air its first episode on Sunday, November 7 on Showtime at 9.00 pm .

Poll :

The Best Dexter Spinoff Would Have Focused On Deb

When Debra found out that Dexter was murdering people, she understandably struggled to comprehend his actions and methods. However, she grew to defend him, ultimately killing LaGuerta to prevent Dexter from being arrested. This put further strain on the character, but she was eventually killed in the Dexter series finale.

By killing Debra Morgan, Dexter also killed its best chance at a successful spinoff. Any future series about Harrison would struggle to distinguish itself from Dexter and would risk destroying the message of Dexter: New Blood. However, a series focused on Deb could have brought something new to the franchise while still being solidly located within it.

If, instead of killing Debra off, she had been allowed to live after Dexters demise, she could have continued as a detective with a troubled past and connection to face. This would have allowed Deb to follow in Lundys footsteps, paying off the characters death, with her potentially even joining the FBI. Deb could have spent a spinoff reckoning with the events of Dexter while using her knowledge of her brother and his habits as part of profiling other killers who had even less of a moral compass or code than Dexter.

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