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Can You Get Paid For Donating Blood

How Do Plasma Centers Pay You

How Much Money I Make Donating Plasma Each Month! // Make Money Donating Plasma! $$$

Okay, so if youre considering selling your plasma for money, then youre probably wondering how these centers pay you.

You might be wondering if you get quick cash on the spot or cash to your bank account or PayPal account.

While all centers differ when it comes to payment methods, the most common type of payment is a prepaid debit card.

Make sure that you check with your particular donation center to get the details of how youll be paid.

Why Donate At Csl Plasma

As a leader in plasma collection, CSL Plasma is committed to the donor experience and wellbeing of our donors. Our medicines made from your donated plasma ensure that tens of thousands of people worldwide can live healthy lives.

Save Lives

Plasma cant be manufactured in a lab, so plasma-based therapies can only be made if people donate.

Safely Donate

How We Earn Money Donating Plasma

Donating plasma can be a relatively low-effort side gig. That’s what sold us on the idea our friends told us they give plasma and read books or watch movies on their phones, which are things they would probably do at home, anyway.

The exact payment structure for donors depends on the company and location, but there’s a common theme: You earn a higher amount for your first several donations, then the amount goes down.

At the plasma donation center closest to our home, we earn $100 per visit the first eight times we donate, as long as we go within the first 45 days. The exception was the second time, when we earned $125. We can give up to twice per week, but some centers don’t let you give that often.

After that, our earnings decrease depending on our weight the more someone weighs, the more they earn, presumably because you can usually give more plasma. For example, my husband has already passed his eight-donation mark and now makes $50 to $60 per visit, while I’ll only be making $40 to $45 each time.

I made six donations in the initial 45-day mark, but I didn’t make it a seventh or eighth time for that extra $200. The center has been short staffed as workers quarantine due to COVID-19, so wait times were longer during my fifth and sixth visits. I got hungry and dehydrated, and I passed out both times. Now I’m taking a break until the center is operating as smoothly as it was when I first started donating.

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What Is Plasma Anyway

Plasma is the liquid portion of the blood that is what helps us to fight off infection and distribute nutrients through our bodies. It can be used to develop medicines for life-threatening illnesses and is highly needed for medical treatments around the world.

In fact, the Red Cross urges people with the universal blood type of AB to make a donation since it can be given to patients of any blood type. Because of the high demand, you could feel good about donating your plasma to the cause. And when you can make money doing it, it seems like a win-win situation.

Earn Money And Help Others Through Antibody Plasma Donations For Medical Research

23 best Blood drive ideas images on Pinterest

PlasmaLab International in Everett WA is a plasma collection center for medical and diagnostic research. Antibodies from our allergy, autoimmune, and immune disorder plasma donors are used to develop test kits used by physicians to diagnose their patients. Antibody-rich plasma is also used to develop life-changingpotentially life-savingmedications and treatments.

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What Do I Do After Donating Plasma

Once you finish donating plasma, there are a few things you can do to have a quick recovery.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Drinking water will help replace the fluids you lost during the donation process. Not too long after donating, eat foods with a lot of protein and iron. Sugary drinks and foods can also help a bit.

Don’t smoke for 30 minutes or drink alcohol for 4 hours. Drinking alcohol can actually contribute to dehydration, making the recovery process slower than it should be. Alcohol also causes your blood vessels to dilate. When this happens, less blood will be able to circulate to your brain. This can be dangerous, as youve already been drained of 10% of your blood at this point so there’s less blood flowing to begin with.

Avoid heavy lifting or exercise for a full day after the donation. Activities of high intensity can increase your levels of fatigue, leading to fainting. It can also increase the chances of uncontrollable bleeding occurring in the area where you had blood drawn.

You should also wait a few days before you donate blood again to allow your plasma to recover.

Find Your Nearest Blood Bank

There are a number of companies in the US who will pay cash, coupons and gift cards for plasma donations. It is best to do your own search for donate plasma for money near me to find blood banks within walking distance or a short commute.

Once you find your nearest donor center, you should book an appointment to make a plasma donation.

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What Are The Risks Of Donating Plasma

Donating plasma is considered very safe but you do have to go through a health screening and medical exam firstthis is what keeps the risks low. For instance, one of the tests that you will have is a finger prick to check your hemoglobin level. If that is too low, it’s a major reason why you shouldn’t donate plasmayou will not be able to give plasma for fear of lowering the hemoglobin further. If you are deemed healthy enough after the testing, there shouldn’t be any risks to donating plasma. The only thing to concern yourself with is the potential short-term side effects.

Who Can Donate Plasma

Earn $1,000 In One Month Donating Plasma – Here’s How

Typically, if youre between the ages of 18 and 65 and weigh at least 110 pounds, you can be a plasma donor. Though some donation centers have additional requirements.

No matter the location, you’ll need to complete an extensive medical history screening and pass a medical examination before you’re allowed to donate plasma. A screening will take place each time you donate to ensure youre meeting the weight requirement, and that your blood pressure and iron level enable are in a safe range. At donation centers that work with PPTA, a more extensive medical exam is conducted before your first donation, and once a year after that, Efantis says. Donors will also need to get negative tests for transmissible viruses like hepatitis and HIV and have their protein and hemoglobin levels evaluated.

Be sure to call your closest donation center before visiting to make sure you qualify, and are prepared with the right documents. Thplasma, which is located in Fair Lawn, N.J., requires a government-issued identification card, a social security card or a recent W2 that has your social security number and a piece of mail postmarked within 60 days of your visit that can prove your address, which is pretty typical of center requirements.

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An Hour Of Your Time Could Save Three Lives

Every two seconds in the United States someone needs blood to survive. One in three people need a lifesaving transfusion during their lifetime. This need touches everyonefamily, friends, neighbors, colleagues and the community.

Each blood donation has the potential to save 3 lives. It is a precious resource, but has a limited shelf lifeonly 5-7 days for platelets and 42 days for red blood cells. Thats why it takes 1,000 donors a day to maintain the blood supply for the 90 hospitals we support in the Northwest.

You can donate at a center, or at one of our many mobile drives. Your donation helps people having surgeries or organ transplants, or receiving treatment for trauma. People often receive transfusions during treatment for cancer and bleeding disorders.

What should you expect the first time you donate?

Donating blood is a safe and simple process. Youll be asked to fill out a questionnaire about your health and travel history. Then youll meet a staff member for a short screening interview and quick physical examination. If you meet eligibility requirements, well discuss the blood donation that best matches your blood type and current local needs.

We want you to feel great after donating. Eat a healthy meal within four hours before you donate, and be sure to stay well hydrated with non-caffeinated fluids before and after donation. After donation, it is good to add iron-rich foods like meat, spinach and beans to your diet, or to take an dietary iron supplement.

What Is Plasma Used For

The plasma will be used for other manufacturing purposes such as making factor derivative medicine. The packed red cells of females are still used for human transfusion purposes. One usually does not get paid for red cell donations unless you find a company that uses red blood cells for testing reagents. These red cells are classified as being used …

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The science there is far from settled. But the World Health Organization finds it convincing enough that they discourage countries from paying blood donors. Evidence shows significantly lower prevalence of transfusion-transmissible infections among voluntary nonremunerated donors than among other types of donors, their in 2013 read.

Donated blood is tested for diseases, anyway, but the FDA says it intends those steps to be redundant security measures, like layers of an onion.

Plasma donation in which blood is drawn, plasma separated out, and then blood cells and other components put back into you is often compensated. The FDA doesnt require paid plasma donations to be labeled. The reason is that plasma collected this way never goes straight into another person. Its broken into many different protein products that will become pharmaceuticals. Along the way, these components are processed to remove or kill any virus stowaways. The risk of infection is inherently much lower, said Dr. Christopher Stowell, who recently chaired the FDAs Blood Products Advisory Committee. Whole red blood cells are too fragile to undergo the same kind of processing as plasma.

What Kind Of Incentives


Non-cash incentives in blood donation have been discussed for a long time, albeit without particular attention to the supporting factors described above. Ranging from tokens of appreciation to goods and gifts , many have been shown to work . The argument laid out in the previous sections justifies intensified research devoted to both old and new non-cash incentives and how they could work as part of a well-designed and specifically tailored choice architecture and donation setting. Younger donor populations might, e.g., be more attracted to vouchers for songs on iTunes, mobile phone ring tones or mobile phone credits, video game bonuses, or software, while other groups might like a voucher for a wellness or health class, tickets to the theatre, museums, lectures, or a restaurant voucher. Others might be drawn to a mark of public recognition, such as their name being put on public display in a ticker on TV or online, printed in a newspaper, or read out in a radio show or at some community event. Charity donations in their name will be appealing to some groups of donors others will prefer to collect points for donating on the blood donation loyalty card and exchange these points for any of the incentives mentioned. Donor-exclusive T-shirts designed by a well-known designer , or signed by a Hollywood star, would be attractive to some, whereas others might enjoy a rock event or a classical concert with a famous musician to which only donors can buy tickets.

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How Do You Get Paid For Donating Plasma

Now that the festive season is winding down, you may be looking for a way to pay off your holiday bills. Plasma donation is a great way to do just that, but if you havent given plasma within Canada, you may have a few questions that need answering first. Keep reading to learn more about how you can go about getting paid for donating plasma!

Blood Donation Requirements For Medical Research

Donor requirements for medical research may be slightly different from those for Lifeblood donors. For example, people who usually dont qualify as Lifeblood donors can qualify as donors for medical research.

To qualify to become a blood donor for medical research:

  • Be aged 18 to 60.
  • Not taking anti-clotting or anti-inflammatory medications .
  • Tel. to make an appointment. Appointments are available Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 10am.

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Where Can I Donate Plasma For Money

Start by checking the offers from blood banks in your area. You may find some interesting ones, since some banks are in great need of this essential blood component.

You can also use dedicated websites, like

There are also companies dedicated to plasma donation that have interesting compensation programs:

You can locate one of their centers and make a visit there for more details.

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Do Blood Donors Get Paid

How Much Money YOU Make Donating Plasma | My Experience Donating Plasma

Furthermore, each plasma donation takes around 1 hour vs 10 minutes for red blood donations….

However, this is not typical. Studies have shown that remuneration increases the rate of blood donations but does not affect the quality of the blood supply. The National Blood Donor Center estimates that only about 20 percent of eligible people donate blood because it’s free. The other 80 percent would donate if incentives were offered.

The average compensation of $20 per donation is very low. It’s more like $35 or $50 depending on the country where they live. In some countries such as India, people rely heavily on donations when they need an organ or blood product. So, the lack of incentive to donate can lead to delays for patients in need.

In the United States, incentives include a gift card, food, and even cash. The amount of incentive varies depending on how much blood you give and whether it’s plasma or red blood cells. For example, if you give 100 ml of plasma you get $25 while those who give just one unit of red blood cells receive $120. These figures increase with each subsequent donation.

People sometimes assume that doctors get paid a lot of money.

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Consent Form For Blood Donation For Medical Research

If you agree to participate in a blood research project, you must sign a consent form. The exact content of the form will vary between projects, but it may be a statement that includes details such as:

  • An understanding of the aims of the research project .
  • You are willing to donate the required amount of blood.
  • The blood donation procedure and any side effects .
  • The blood will be used purely for research, not for transfusion or any other medical purpose.
  • All information you provide is confidential.
  • Participation is voluntary and you can change your mind at any stage.

How Much Do You Get Paid

How much you can make donating plasma is based on a bunch of different factors. Also, who much you make each month will depend on how often you donate.

You can expect to be paid around $20 to $50 per donation. We show the amount as a range because it depends on the volume of plasma youre allowed to donate each time you make a plasma donation. The FDA sets the guidelines and its based on weight the ranges are 110-149 pounds, 150-174 pounds, and 175-400 pounds. The more you weigh, the more plasma youre allowed to donate, and the more money youll make.

Most places will pay you via a debit card to make the payment process smoother too. Youre not in the charitable arena of the Red Cross anymore, these are businesses and so are you.

Also, each plasma donation takes approximately 1 hour versus 10 minutes to donate red blood. You must also make two donations before the plasma center can start using your donation and before you receive payment.

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Why Can You Make Money Donating Plasma But Not Red Blood Cells

Its not illegal to make money donating blood but there are ethical concerns for paying blood donors. Paying for blood donations can reduce the quality of donations as people with underlying conditions have more incentive to lie and scam the blood donation center.

Blood donations are easier to make. Red blood cells only require a single 10-minute donation but plasma donations require two 90-minute donations for the donation to be usable. People are less likely to provide a bad sample because plasma donations require more effort than going to a local blood drive.

Heres another kicker about why you can earn money donating plasma youre not donating to the Red Cross. Youre donating to a business. They will sell your plasma to companies that turn them into products. Its only fair they compensate you for the time and your plasma, right?

Is It True That They Pay You To Donate Blood

Cord Blood Uses in the United States

Our premise is that you can make about $300 a month donating plasma, and it’s a real gateway into donating whole blood at Red Cross blood donation centers to save lives. So we like to promote plasma donation as great habit to start. Also, you can Submit Blood Center for a featured article and to be included in our master database.

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