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Blood Pressure Lower When Lying Down

How Many Medications Should One Be Taking For High Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Lying Down – Why? How & The Difference Lying Down vs Sitting Up

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When You Should Take Blood Pressure Lying Down

As mentioned earlier, BP should be taken sitting down unless conditions exist which doesnt make it feasible. Under this situation youll have to ask, should I take blood pressure lying down?

Blood pressure should be taken lying down for the following reasons:

  • When diagnosing or treating postural hypotension.
  • When diagnosing or treating orthostatic hypertension.
  • When diagnosing or treating supine hypertension.
  • The patient is hospitalized.
  • The person is confined to a bed at home.
  • Postural Hypotension: This occurs when blood pressure is abnormally low when a person stands up from a lying down or sitting position. The decrease may recover closer back to the persons normal pressure or remain lower. Its also known as orthostatic hypotension 4.

    To help diagnose and treat the condition, blood pressure will be measured while lying down and standing up. Orthostatic Hypotension can be caused by the following:

    • People who dont experience a drop in BP when sleeping.
    • Supine hypertension

    Orthostatic Hypertension: This is the opposite of postural hypotension. This condition is when a persons blood pressure increases while standing up 5.

    This can occur for the following reasons:

    • Fluctuations in blood pressure and heart rate.
    • An increase in the heart rate and change in blood pressure when standing up.
    • When an artery in the back gets compressed.
    • Conditions that cause the autonomic nervous system not to work properly.

    Treatment For Low Blood Pressure Depends On The Cause

    If a cause can be found, a GP will be able to recommend treatment to ease your symptoms.

    For example, they may suggest:

    • changing medicines or altering your dose, if this is the cause
    • wearing support stockings this can improve circulation and increase blood pressure

    Medicine to increase blood pressure is rarely needed because simple lifestyle measures or treating the underlying cause is usually effective.

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    How Much Coconut Water To Drink To Lower Blood Pressure

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    Orthostatic Hypotension Blood Pressure When You Stand Up From Sitting Or Lying Down

    Why Do You Lay On Your Left Side To Lower Blood Pressure

    If you stand up from a sitting or lying down position and experience orthostatic hypotension, it is likely that your systolic blood pressure has decreased at least 20 mm/HG or your diastolic blood pressure has decreased at least 10 mm/HG within three minutes of standing. It is not uncommon to feel a slight drop in blood pressure and, perhaps, experience a slight lightheaded feeling, but when the feeling lasts for a few minutes and when it happens on a regular basis, you should see a doctor. Orthostatic hypotension or postural hypotension can be a sign of a serious health problem.

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    Low Blood Pressure When You Stand Up

    Sometimes, changes in your posture can cause your blood pressure to drop, for example, going from sitting or lying down to standing up. You might feel the symptoms listed above when you stand up, such as feeling dizzy or faint. They will pass quickly as your body adjusts, but can put you at risk of falls.

    This is called postural hypotension or orthostatic hypotension. Its caused by changes to your arteries which happen as you get older and if youre taking medications to lower your blood pressure.

    The animation below provides information on the causes, symptoms and potential interventions related to orthostatic hypotension.

    This film was produced by Newcastle University for work completed by Dr James Frith, supported by the NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre.

    Should Blood Pressure Be Taken Lying Down

    Some people have inquired about taking blood pressure lying down. Every muscle can be fully relaxed in that position, so why not? In addition, it might make the reading lower. Therefore, lets answer the question, should blood pressure be taken lying down?

    Blood pressure should not be taken lying down. The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology recommend taking blood pressure sitting down. Blood pressure should only be measured lying down if a condition makes it too difficult to sit down.

    This article will explain every aspect of why lying down should not be your first choice. Although there are times when its appropriate. Ill inform you when and tips on how to perform it correctly.

    BP Tip: Lower BP by just breathing? A device is FDA approved and The American Heart Association gave it the thumbs up. It simply guides your breathing for you a few minutes a day which has been proven to lower BP in studies. You can check it out in the manufacturers website by .

    Disclaimer: Some links in this article are affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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    How Can You Prevent Low Blood Pressure Symptoms

    If you have orthostatic hypotension, your doctor may suggest that you try some simple ways to prevent symptoms like dizziness. For example, you can:

    • Stand up slowly.
    • Drink little or no alcohol.
    • Limit or avoid caffeine.
    • Wear compression stockings.

    If you feel dizzy or light-headed, sit down or lie down for a few minutes. Or you can sit down and put your head between your knees. This will help your blood pressure go back to normal and help your symptoms go away.

    What Can I Do To Lower My Diastolic Blood Pressure

    Lying and Standing Blood Pressure

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    Get Plenty Exercise When Youre Not Sitting

    Many of us cant avoid sitting down a lot, especially if we work at a desk or travel a lot. So, if you really cant avoid it, then do your best to get in a good bout of moderate exercise in at some point or points in the day.

    Some studies suggest you need to do at least an hour of moderate exercise a day to counteract the negative effects of sitting for most of the day. It doesnt have to be an hour all at once it could be in three twenty-minute stints.

    For example, one Australian study found that going for a short walk for half an hour in the morning, as well as having short breaks from sitting throughout the day, could improve blood pressure a little.

    Swimming is a particularly good way of alleviating some of the negative effects of sitting. Since the water supports your body, it really allows you to relax and stretch use different muscles. Even if youre not a serious swimmer, just messing about in the water is good for you. More details on that here: 1 activity you really need if you spend most of your day sitting

    Blood Pressure Readings Explained

    • Normal. A reading of less than 120/80 mm Hg is considered normal.
    • Elevated. A reading between 120129 mm Hg systolic and above 80 mm Hg diastolic is considered elevated. You may be at risk of developing hypertension if you dont take some steps to manage your blood pressure.
    • Hypertension Stage 1. This is a reading between 130139 mm Hg systolic or 8089 mm Hg diastolic. Your doctor may recommend lifestyle changes or blood pressure medications, depending on your risk level for heart disease.
    • Hypertension Stage 2. This is a reading thats consistently measured at 140/90 mm Hg or higher. At this stage, your doctor will prescribe blood pressure medications and instruct you to make lifestyle changes.
    • High blood pressure crisis. A reading of 180/120 mm Hg is considered to be dangerously high and requires immediate medical attention.

    High blood pressure increases your risk of serious complications like heart attack, stroke, and chronic kidney disease. Thats why its important to take steps to keep your blood pressure within a healthy range.

    Its known changing positions can impact your blood pressure reading. However, theres some disagreement about whether readings are higher or lower when youre lying down.


    For consistency, medical experts suggest that your blood pressure readings should always be taken in the same position. This makes it easier to compare your readings and to notice any changes.

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    What Your Blood Pressure Says About You

    Here’s how to get the most from your blood pressure readings.

    Doctors have been measuring patients blood pressure, the force that blood exerts on the inside walls of your vessels since the first sphygmomanometers were invented at the beginning of the 20th century.

    Doctors are still finding new ways to glean information about your health from these numbers. British researchers recently found differences in blood pressure between the right and left arms might be a sign of vascular disease. Likewise, a difference in blood pressure when youre lying down vs. standing up may indicate heart problems or blood vessel disease. Doctors can tell that from a painless test that takes only a few minutes.

    How To Measure Your Blood Pressure At Home

    How To Cure Low Blood Pressure Through Yoga

    If you need to measure your blood pressure at home, the following tips may be helpful in getting accurate readings:

    • Carefully choose your monitor. An automated, cuff-style monitor that fits around your upper arm is recommended by the . When choosing a monitor, check the:
    • Fit. Make sure that the cuff fits over your upper arm.
    • Validation. Check to see if the monitor is certified by a respected organization, like the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation or the British Hypertension Society. If its for an older adult, a child, or a pregnant woman, make sure the monitor is specifically validated for these groups.
    • Accuracy. Bring your monitor along with you to your next doctors visit. That way, you can make sure that its giving the same readings as your doctors equipment.
  • Take your blood pressure twice per day. Take the first reading in the morning, before eating or taking medications but not right after waking. Take your second reading in the evening. Aim to take the readings around the same time each day.
  • Prepare beforehand. Use the bathroom prior to taking your reading. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco in the 30-minute period prior to taking a reading. Also avoid exercise or strenuous activity during this time.
  • Position properly. Try to use the same chair each time. Make sure your back is straight and supported by the back of the chair. Keep your feet flat on the floor.
  • Seek immediate medical attention if a reading exceeds 180/120 mm Hg.

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    Blood Pressure Differences Between Arms

    Finding blood pressure differences between arms can be a sign of atherosclerosis, which is basically plaque buildup in arteries. Finding a difference in pressure between sides of the body tells doctors that they need to investigate further to see if atherosclerosis is in the main blood vessel leaving the heart or in other parts of the body.

    One study published in the medical journal The Lancet stated that a blood pressure difference of 10 to 15 points between arms increases the risk of dying from heart disease or a stroke.

    A small difference in blood pressure between arms is nothing to panic about. A large difference could signal health problems that include not only plaque buildup, but also kidney disease, diabetes, and heart defects.

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    Can You Smell Death Coming

    The brain is the first organ to begin to break down, and other organs follow suit. Living bacteria in the body, particularly in the bowels, play a major role in this decomposition process, or putrefaction. This decay produces a very potent odor. Even within a half hour, you can smell death in the room, he says.

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    Getting Blood Pressure Help

    You should get your blood pressure checked during your routine doctor visits, or at least once every two years, according to the American Heart Association. “Blood pressure is called the silent killer because there may be no symptoms until damage is already being done,” Pacold says. “You can prevent that damage by getting early diagnosis and treatment.” Here are some takeaway tips:

    • Blood pressure readings from 120 to 139 or from 80 to 89 are considered to be pre-hypertension. You may need to have your blood pressure checked more frequently.
    • If your blood pressure readings stay at or above 140 and 90 over time, your doctor may start you on a treatment program.
    • Any time you have a blood pressure reading of over 180 systolic or over 110 diastolic, check it again. If it is still that high, you need to get emergency blood pressure help right away.

    Your blood pressure readings can tell you and your doctor a lot about your current health and may even predict future problems. If you are concerned about PAD or if you have episodes of feeling dizzy when you stand up, talk to your doctor. Checking your blood pressure, both sitting and standing and in both arms, is a great way to learn more about what’s going on inside your arteries.

    For the latest news and information on living a heart-healthy lifestyle, follow @HeartDiseases on Twitter from the editors of @EverydayHealth.

    Is Blood Pressure Higher Or Lower When Lying Down

    How to lower blood pressure in MINUTES

    This topic seems to be controversial. You would think blood pressure would be lower when lying down. My body is more relaxed and less tensed if Im lying down correctly. After all, we lay down while we sleep and not sit in a chair.

    I scoured highly authoritative medical journals, studies and research papers to find an answer to this question. I found eight trusted sources and found different conclusions.

    Four of them stated blood pressure lying down is higher compared to sitting. Three of them concluded blood pressure was lower while lying down. One of them found systolic was higher but diastolic was lower, when lying down.

    Why the inconsistencies? I cannot say for sure, but some of the studies didnt mention arm or cuff positioning. We know, positioning the cuff at heart level is crucial for measuring BP, lying down or sitting up. No one seems to disagree with that.

    When I require a solid answer on blood pressure, I always lean on my most reliable resource. I checked what The American College of Cardiology and The American Heart Association had to say.

    In the new blood pressure guidelines, they stated systolic blood pressure has been reported to be 3-10 mmHg higher in the supine than the seated position. In addition, they said diastolic blood pressure is 1-5 mmHg higher when measured supine vs seated 8.

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