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Blood In Urine From Uti

What Are The Causes Of Blood In Urine

Mayo Clinic Minute: Treating Urinary Tract Infections

There are many causes of blood in your urine, including:

Anyone can have blood in their urine, but it is more likely if you:

  • Have a family history of kidney disease
  • Have an enlarged prostate
  • Have a history of kidney stones
  • Are taking certain medicines, such as pain relievers, blood thinners and antibiotics
  • Have or recently had certain types of infections

Key Points About Blood In Urine

  • Blood in the urine means there are red blood cells in the urine. Often, the urine looks normal. But when checked under a microscope, it contains a high number of red blood cells. In some cases, the urine is pink, red, or the color of tea, which can be seen without the use of a microscope.
  • Most of the causes of blood in the urine are not serious. For example, in some cases, strenuous exercise will cause blood in the urine.
  • Some more serious causes of blood in the urine are cancer, infection, enlarged prostate , kidney or bladder stones, and certain diseases .
  • Blood in the urine can often be diagnosed with urine tests. If these are not clear, imaging tests may be needed to look at the urinary tract.
  • Treatment depends on the cause of the blood in the urine.

Did You Know: Blood In The Urine Is Not Always A Sign Of A Uti

While blood in the urine often isnt a sign of a serious health issue, in some cases it could be a sign of a tumor in the kidney, urinary tract or bladder. Thats why it is of great value to follow up with your doctor if you see blood in your urine.

Blood in the urine can be caused by many things. In many cases the cause isnt known.

Non-cancerous causes include:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen
  • A tough workout
  • Enlarged prostate in older men
  • Prostate infection

In rare cases, hematuria can also be caused by cancer of the kidneys, lining of the urinary tract or bladder cancer.

If you have blood in the urine, your doctor will ask if you have risk factors for cancer. These could include smoking, prior treatment with radiation or chemotherapy or exposure to certain workplace chemicals. The doctor will also look for non-cancer causes for blood in the urine, such as a UTI.

If you are at low risk for cancer, your doctor may ask you to come back for another urine test within six months. If you are at high risk, your doctor may order certain tests. These may include an ultrasound or CT scan to examine your kidneys and ureters, the tubes that carry urine to the bladder. The doctor may look at the bladder with an instrument called a cystoscope.

If this testing doesnt find the cause of your hematuria, your doctor may ask you to have your urine checked in another year. If the testing reveals problems, your doctor will talk with you about treatment options.

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Reasons You May Find Blood In Your Urine

1. Rigorous Exercise

Intense exercise, especially in younger people, has been known to cause blood in urine. Joggers Hematuria is common in runners, and is usually caused by the friction between the walls of the bladder.

To avoid this, some find that its best to run on a somewhat full bladder. You dont want your bladder to be empty, and you dont want it to be too full either. Having fluid in your bladder may help prevent friction, and help you avoid potential blood in your urine.

2. Urinary Tract Infection

A urinary tract infection or UTI is another common cause of blood in urine. A UTI is a genitourinary infection typically experienced in women . One of the most common UTI symptoms is dark-colored urine or urine that appears to have blood in it.

A UTI is an infection, and will need to be treated by a urologist. If you think you have a UTI, dont wait to make an appointment. Also, take a look at some ways to ease the discomfort from a UTI.

3. Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are another culprit known to cause red urine. Not only are kidney stones extremely painful, but a rigid stone rubbing against the walls of your kidney can cause ongoing bleeding.

If you notice blood in your urine, accompanied by severe pain in your kidneys, call your urologist immediately to discuss treatment options.

4. Enlarged Prostate

While blood in urine is alarming, its definitely more cause for concern with older peopleespecially older men battling an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer.

Hematuria: Blood In The Urine

Leucocyte pseudocasts. Clumps of WBCs in a patient with UTI. (Phase ...

Blood in the urine should never be ignored. This could be the first sign of a serious condition. In order to help your doctor with the correct diagnosis, you may try to provide details such as:

  • Was it associated with pain?
  • Did you see blood clots?
  • What shape did the clots have?
  • The color of the blood
  • At what time during urination did you see blood in the urine ?

Blood in the urine can present in one of two ways:

  • Gross hematuria
  • Microscopic hematuria .

Both types can have serious causes.

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Can A Uti Cause Bleeding

Urinary tract infections are common among men and women. Theyre caused by bacteria entering your bladder and urethra. Youre probably familiar with some of the symptoms of UTIs. These include a frequent need to pee, painful urination, smelly and cloudy urine, and pressure or cramps in your lower abdomen, back, or sides. But what if youre peeing blood, or see blood when you wipe? Is that a normal symptom of a UTI?

The short answer is yes. Peeing blood during a UTI is totally normal. Read on to learn what causes it, and how you can treat it.

When Should I Seek Medical Attention

Since some of the causes of blood in the urine are serious, you should seek medical attention the first time you see it. You shouldnt ignore even a small amount of blood in your urine.

Also see your healthcare provider if you dont see blood in your urine but experience frequent, difficult, or painful urination, abdominal pain, or kidney pain. These may all be indications of microscopic hematuria.

Seek emergency help if you cant urinate, see blood clots when you urinate, or have blood in your urine along with one or more of the following:

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How To Feel Better

If your healthcare professional prescribes you antibiotics:

  • Take antibiotics exactly as your healthcare professional tells you.
  • Do not share your antibiotics with others.
  • Do not save antibiotics for later. Talk to your healthcare professional about safely discarding leftover antibiotics.

Drink plenty of water or other fluids. Your healthcare professional might also recommend medicine to help lessen the pain or discomfort. Talk with your healthcare professional if you have any questions about your antibiotics.

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Injury To The Kidneys

Blood In Dog’s Urine

Glomeruli are tiny structures within the kidneys that help filter and clean the blood. Glomerulonephritis is the term for a group of diseases that can injure these structures.

In people with GN, the injured kidneys are unable to remove waste and excess fluid from the body. Without treatment, GN can lead to kidney failure.

Chronic GN often occurs in young men who also have hearing and vision loss.

Acute GN comes on suddenly and may cause the following symptoms:

  • facial puffiness in the morning
  • blood in the urine

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Possible Causes Of Blood In Urine

Finding blood in your urine can be frightening, but you should know that there are many different causes of hematuria , some of which are relatively benign and easily treated. Others may be indicative of a serious medical condition warranting further investigation.

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As such, you should never discount blood in urine as being minor, particularly if it is persistent and accompanied by other symptoms.

Having hematuria does not always mean you have an underlying abnormality. It may simply be the result of a minor injury to the urethra or a side effect of a drug that needs to be changed.

Here are 10 of the most common causes worth considering:

Is The Blood Always Visible

Not everyone diagnosed with bladder cancer has the symptom of blood in the urine that is easily visible, however. Some patients have blood in their urine that is not visible to the eye, because the amount of blood is very small. This symptom is called microscopic hematuria, because the blood is only visible using laboratory tests or a microscope to examine the urine sample. Some patients who are diagnosed with bladder cancer may never notice any symptoms, but their healthcare provider is able to detect the potential presence of blood in their urine during a general check-up, for example. However, this is a less common symptom than visible blood in the urine.

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Women Who Have A Long History Of Recurrent Utis Can Be Offered Prophylaxis: In This Case Antibiotics Are Used To Prevent Utis Rather Than Waiting For Them To Occur

Urinary hygiene advice is customarily offered to women who suffer from UTIs. Women are advised to wipe from front to back to urinate after intercourse to drink plenty of fluids and to make sure they void when they feel the urge. In truth, there is very little scientific evidence to suggest that these measures are effective, but these recommendations are still recommended as healthy low-risk practices.

At the Womans Health Pavilion, we offer urgent appointments to women with acute symptomsincluding UTI symptoms. If you currently think you have a UTI, you should call today for an appointment.

Get Immediate Help If You See Blood In Your Dogs Urine

Duke Pathology

As a dog owner, you are your dogs best friend can caregiver, so careful monitoring of your dogs urination habits is an important part of keeping him healthy and happy. If you notice that theres blood in your dogs urine, its extremely important to take them to a vet or emergency vet as soon as possible.

Some causes of this condition are more severe than others, which is why a veterinarian needs to be consulted right away so they can get to the root of why this is happening to your pet and form a treatment plan to help them. If your general veterinarian is closed or unavailable, take your pet to an emergency vet in your area so your pet doesnt have to wait to be examined.

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Diagnosing And Treating Your Hematuria

The best way to find out whether a UTI is leading to blood in your urine is to come see us. With a quick urinalysis right here in our office, we can detect the presence of infection-causing bacteria and get you set up with a quick course of antibiotics.

If we find no evidence of a UTI, we investigate further to get to the bottom of the problem and recommend the best treatment plan.

For expert diagnosis and treatment of your hematuria, contact our office in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to set up an appointment, or simply visit our office during our operating hours, which are Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm and Saturday from 9am to 2pm.

How Is Hematuria Diagnosed

During your appointment, your healthcare provider will take a medical history and perform a physical examination that might include a pelvic exam or a digital rectal exam. These things will help your provider understand your symptoms better. Your provider may order other tests. These tests may include:

  • Urinalysis: A test on a urine sample.
  • Urine culture: A urine test that checks for an infection.
  • Urine cytology: A urine test that checks for any abnormal-appearing cells.
  • Cystoscopy: A test that uses a device called a cystoscope to look at the inside of your bladder and urethra.
  • Ultrasound:A test that uses ultrasound waves to examine your kidney, ureters and bladder.
  • Computed tomography scan: A test that uses X-rays and computers to make cross-sectional images of your abdomen and pelvis.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging scan: A test that uses a large magnet, radio waves and a computer to produce images of your organs and structures.

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What If The Infection Does Not Clear Up With Treatment

Most infections clear up with treatment. However, if an infection does not clear up, or if you have repeated infections, you may be given some special tests such as:

  • a type of x-ray called an intravenous pyleogram , which involves injecting a dye into a vein and taking pictures of your kidney and bladder

  • an ultrasound exam, which gives a picture of your kidneys and bladder using sound waves

  • a cytoscopic exam, which uses a hollow tube with special lenses to look inside the bladder.

Forward Simplifies Treatment For Utis

Blood in urine is not to be ignored

When symptoms of a UTI arise, getting prompt treatment allows you to get back to feeling your best as soon as possible and greatly reduces your risk of complications. As your primary care provider, Forward gives you the flexibility to easily schedule an appointment virtually or in person. Once we diagnose your symptoms as a UTI, you can arrange to have your prescription delivered right to your door, so you can begin treatment quickly.

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How Do I Prevent Utis

Among healthy young women who have their first UTI, 25% will have a recurrence within 6 months. In some cases this represents relapse of the same infection, while other cases are new infections. Women in either case are generally retreated with good results.

Women who have a long history of recurrent UTIs can be offered prophylaxis: In this case, antibiotics are used to prevent UTIs, rather than waiting for them to occur. Several regimens have been used successfully. Since UTIs are commonly related to sexual activity, one very effective regimen involves taking a single dose of antibiotic with every sexual encounter. Other regimens, including daily doses of antibiotics, are occasionally necessary.

Blood In The Urine And Other Symptoms Of A Uti

  • Forward simplifies treatment for UTIs
  • Doctors see more patients for urinary tract infections than for any other type of infection that requires only outpatient treatment. Because they are so prevalent, you may experience at least one over the course of your life, and if you have certain risk factors, you are even more likely to develop oneor more occurrence. Having a clear understanding of the symptoms of a UTI will help you know when to seek medical care.

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    You Dont Drink Enough Water

    Guzzling H2O will make you go pretty often. And thats a good thing. When you do this, the bacteria gets flushed out before they have a chance to grab hold, Minkin says.

    Consider that your cue to make a giant water bottle your BFF. Hooton TM, et al. . Effect of increased daily water intake in premenopausal women with recurrent urinary tract infections: A randomized clinical trial. DOI: 10.1001/jamainternmed.2018.4204

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    What Happens During A Blood In Urine Test

    4 x Home Urine Urinary Tract Infection Tests (UTI, Nitrite, Leukocytes ...

    You will need to give a urine sample for the test. A health care professional may give you a cleansing wipe, a small container, and instructions for how to use the “clean catch” method to collect your urine sample. It’s important to follow these instructions so that germs from your skin don’t get into the sample:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water and dry them.
  • Open the container without touching the inside.
  • Clean your genital area with the cleansing wipe:
  • Urinate into the toilet for a few seconds and then stop the flow. Start urinating again, this time into the container. Don’t let the container touch your body.
  • Collect at least an ounce or two of urine into the container. The container should have markings to show how much urine is needed.
  • Finish urinating into the toilet.
  • Put the cap on the container and return it as instructed.
  • If you have hemorrhoids that bleed or are having your menstrual period, tell your provider before your test. Outside blood could get into your urine sample and affect your test results.

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    What Do I Do If My Dog Is Urinating Blood

    If your dog is urinating blood, the first thing to do is to contact your veterinarian immediately and make an appointment, or go to an emergency vet if your general veterinarian is closed.

    During the appointment, your veterinarian will attempt to diagnose your dogs condition and may conduct a urinalysis, a urine culture, take an X-ray, or ultrasound your dogs bladder and kidneys. It is important to make an appointment or take your pet to an emergency animal hospital within 24 hours after noticing signs so that your dogs condition can be diagnosed and treated appropriately.

    While at the veterinarian, its important to give a thorough history of your dogs health, including a history of signs and symptoms. This information can give your veterinarian clues as to the cause of blood in your dogs urine, and help with a diagnosis and treatment as well.

    Can I Become Immune To The Antibiotics Used To Treat A Uti

    Your body can actually get used to the antibiotics typically used to treat a urinary tract infection . This happens in people who have very frequent infections. With each UTI and use of antibiotics to treat it, the infection adapts and becomes harder to fight. This is called an antibiotic-resistant infection. Because of this, your healthcare provider may suggest alternative treatments if you have frequent UTIs. These could include:

    • Waiting: Your provider may suggest that you watch your symptoms and wait. During this time, you may be encouraged to drink plenty of fluids in an effort to flush out your system.
    • Intravenous treatment: In some very complicated cases, where the UTI is resistant to antibiotics or the infection has moved to your kidneys, you may need to be treated in the hospital. The medicine will be given to you directly in your vein . Once youre home, you will be prescribed antibiotics for a period of time to fully get rid of the infection.

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